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Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles You’ll Fall in Love With

Whether you want it up or down, straight or curly, braided or twisted, we’ve got pretty bridesmaid hairstyles that will sweep you off your feet!

The wonderful thing about weddings is that whether you’re the bride, the bridesmaid, or the guest, there are a lot of romantic and gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyles you can choose from. We’ve rounded them up for you, so keep reading and pin away!

Our Fave Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles

1. Tousled Updo + Tendrils

Updo with tendrils wedding hair
The tousled updo is a no-fail hairstyle if you want to keep it sophisticated.

This super feminine look featuring tendrils would go with a flowy dress or a boho-chic themed wedding. Depending on your gown, you can also opt for a different head piece such as a bedazzled headband, or a plain one. Keep a few strands of hair loose to keep it romantic.

2. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braid entourage hair
Unleash the fairytale vibes with a waterfall braid!

If you want something different, the waterfall braid is a really stunning gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle option. It works with any length, and it’s a ‘do that you can create on your own, so there’s less for you to stress about. If you have highlights, it’s also a great way to show off your shades!

3. Stacked Buns

Stacked bun bridesmaid hairstyle
Stacked buns amplify the cuteness!

There are tons of bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair, but this is one of our favorites. This style looks really cute with any length, actually, but if you have shorter hair, it gives it a nice layered effect. Give the ends some volume for extra flair.

4. Curly Side Ponytail

Curly side ponytail bridesmaid hairdo
Elevate your bridesmaid look with a dreamy, romantic curly side ponytail.

This elegant hairstyle is perfect for all hair types and can be easily achieved with some curling techniques and a touch of hairspray to hold the style together. Topped off with a delicate accessory like a pearl hairpin or a flower, this whimsical side ponytail will surely elevate your bridesmaid ensemble.

5. Rope Braid Ponytail 

rope braid ponytail for wedding
Add a touch of bohemian elegance to your wedding ensemble.

Put that bridesmaid hair into a high pony and start braiding it, rope style! This ponytail hairstyle for bridesmaids gives you a clean polished look with extra glamor at the back. It suits short to medium length hair best, and would benefit bridesmaid dresses with pretty details at the back because you won’t have hair covering them.

6. Side-swept Dutch Braid

Side-swept Dutch braid wedding hairdo
Add a twist of elegance to your bridesmaid outfit with a stunning side-swept Dutch braid!

This gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle offers a perfect blend of sophistication and charm, elevating your look with its intricate design while keeping your hair secure throughout the event. Curl the ends, embellish it with delicate pearl pins or lace accessories, and let your side-swept Dutch braid make a statement as you perform your bridesmaid duties.

7. Sleek Low Bun with Side Part

Sleek low bun gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle
The twisted low bun: a laid-back style that shines for every bridesmaid.

If you’re looking for simple bridesmaid hairstyles that still incorporate pretty little details into it, you might like this twisted low bun hairstyle. It’s pretty straightforward from the front, but the twists at the back provide just enough romance.

8. Textured Curls with Flower Crown

Who said bridesmaids can’t have a bit of hair fun? Credit: Shutterstock

Ever a classic and your surefire go-to hairstyle, the curly bridesmaid look is here to stay. These enchanting twists showcase elegance and style, while effortlessly leaving room for whimsical flower crowns or sparkling accessories.

9. Soft Curls

Asian woman with soft curls gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle
It’s time to let those curls loose and rev up the wedding glam factor.

Stepping into the spotlight are these understated curly hairstyles for bridesmaids – we’re talking simple, but oh-so-elegant curls that hit just at the ends. They’re the perfect choice for those seeking low-key charm and class, setting the style bar high while keeping it simple.

10. Relaxed Waves for Short Hair

Wedding guest with flower crown and blonde curly gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle
Waves are a short-haired bridesmaid’s best friend. Credit: Nguyễn Thị Minh Nghi from Pexels

Here’s to all the short-haired bridesmaids out there: relaxed waves are the go-to style for a fresh, modern twist on the usual bridesmaid hairstyles! This ‘do brings an easy-going, yet utterly charming vibe that perfectly complements your sophisticated bridesmaid dress.

11. Wet Look Wavy Ponytail

Asian woman facing sideways with wavy ponytail bridesmaid hairstyle
Finish this simple look off with statement earrings!

If you want to show off your long, flowy hair, this is the way to go! This runway look makes for a pretty bridesmaid hair. It’s actually simple, not much frills—just waves here, knots there—but still oozing with romance and drama.

Now, go on and shine with these gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyles! There’s one for every personality, so pick the one that suits you best.