Anna Sui NY FW 2017 runway victorian hairstyle boho look

Gorgeous Victorian hairstyles for any formal occasion: proms, weddings, ball parties

Look red-carpet-ready for any formal occasion with a regal Victorian hairstyle to complete your outfit from proms and galas to balls and weddings.

Victorian hairstyles come from an era that was grandiose in fashion and style. It was all about length, volume, and bigness from the wardrobe to the hair! As the years passed throughout the period, so did the sensibilities of the women who made up society’s upper crust. Dress silhouettes evolved constantly, and with that, so did their Victorian hairstyles to complement the trends. Nowadays, you can sport your own royal version of the era’s hairdos with minimal effort thanks to modern hair products.

Romanticize your outfits with the long wavy curls that were prominent at the period’s beginnings or go all out with a glorious updo that will surely make heads turn at every ball. The Victorian period was all about flamboyance and details. Here are some ways you can incorporate that majestic style to make you look like a modern-day Cinderella.

Victorian hairstyles for Prom

Loose, long, and wavy

At the start of the Victorian era, women grew their hair to unfathomable lengths. In fact, the Sutherland sisters made their way to fame because of their floor-length hair. The loose waves were mostly used for artistic purposes, however. Muses would let their hair down to depict romanticism in a portrait.

Anna Sui NY FW 2017 runway victorian hairstyle boho look
Long, wavy hair during the Victorian era lends a touch of regal and romantic vibe to one’s look. Credit: indigitalimages

Hair Hack: Get natural waves for your locks by keeping them in braids all day, then letting them loose at night or the day after. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the basic French braid.


Victorian curls

Victorian hairstyles were all about volume. While women of the noble class at the time used fillers like natural fiber and wigs to give the illusion of volume, modern-day sensibilities only need a bit of teasing and curling before you mist everything in place. These days, you can leave some of the bangs or side strands loose and curl them with curlers or a curling iron for the full effect.

curly side bangs
Curly side bangs. Credit:

Editor’s Tip: Get your hands on that bottle of TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse! It’s a runway favorite for good reason. It can help push up the body of your hair while prepping for your choice of Victorian hairstyles.

Victorian hairstyles for Weddings

Simple chignon

A chignon is merely a knot or coil at the back of the head. This became a popular alternative to keeping the long hair (which was in fashion at the time) out of the woman’s face to look neat and polished. Not up for a full-on updo for your party? A loose yet neat knot at the back of the hair is a relaxed but still glamorous version of the Victorian hairstyle that looks good on any formal ensemble — from power suits to body con dresses.

Say “i do” to this soft chignon ‘do

Winged hair

Winged hair is one of the most recognizable Victorian hairstyles, though not the easiest to pull off. Marked by a middle part and the signature rolled-up hair on the front, it definitely gives a distinctly chic look. This hairstyle was all over Fashion Week in 2013 as the “Heidi Roll.”

Carolina Herrera FW AW 2013 runway victorian hairstyle heidi roll
Chic and elegant hair roll-ups. Credit: indigitalimages

Editor’s Tip: Keep this Victorian hairstyle in place with the TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. It has an extreme hold level of 4, which is strong but at the same time flexible — allowing you to comb a few loose strands in without breaking the ‘do.

Victorian hairstyles for Balls and Cocktail Parties

Gibson Girl look

At the latter part of the Victorian period, the Gibson Girl look became all the rage. Women would add volume at the front and top of the hair before putting it all together in one loose but secure bun in the back. The result was a very natural yet sexy look. These days, the Gibson Girl is easily among the Victorian hairstyles that get styled in a different number of ways. The Gibson Girl is perfect for those lazy days where you want hair that exudes a laidback and nonchalant confidence.

Alexander McQueen FW 2015 Victorian Hairstyles Tim Burton Garden
The Gibson Girl look is all about big hair. Credit: indigitalimages

Editor’s Tip: Want to dial down the fashown and wear a more subdued version of the Gibson Girl look? Start off with a few sprays of the TONI&GUY Matte Texture Dry Shampoo on your roots. Let it settle then spread throughout your hair by hand or comb. Twist two sections of your hair from either side of your head to the back and pin. Then, tie your hair into a low ponytail before rolling up your hair and tucking it by your twists. Secure with bobby pins.

Updo hairstyle.

Crimped hair

What did Victorian women do with all that long hair? Style it, of course! It did not escape their regal and fashionable tastes to put their hair against heating irons in order to come up with the Victorian hairstyle of crimped hair. Also known as “zigzag hair,” the crimped hair trend was big during the ’90s, too.

Just Cavalli FW 2014 Victorian hairstyles crimped hair
There are two ways to get crimped hair: with heat and without heat. Credit: indigitalimages

Editor’s Tip: These days, the only thing passé about crimped hair is putting your hair under a flat iron without heat protection. Don’t forget to spritz on some TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray in order to prevent hair damage while maintaining the shine of your hair.