Waterfall braid: Take your half updo to the next level with this hairstyle

Got invited to your friend’s wedding? Take this opportunity to learn a new hairstyle. Read on to find out how to make a pretty waterfall braid.
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Coming up with a hairstyle for daytime events is tricky. You don’t want to look too formal, but you don’t want to look like you didn’t exert any effort either. If you’re stumped on hairstyle ideas, it’s time to try the waterfall braid. It’s a simple but chic hairstyle that adds just the right amount of flair to a semi-formal look. Read on to learn how to make a waterfall braid.

Step 1

Start strong

Wash your hair with Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo and Sunsilk Strong & Long Conditioner. These products nourish hair to make it soft and manageable while also strengthening each strand.


Woman with long dark hair.
Step 2

Preheat your curling iron

Let your hair dry on its own. While waiting, preheat your curling iron for 10 minutes before using. This will help curl your hair more quickly later on.

Waterfall braid: Closeup shot of a hand fixing the settings of a curling iron
Step 3

Protect hair

Spritz TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist on your hair to guard it against heat damage. This step is a must whenever you need to blow dry, iron, or curl your hair.

Waterfall braid: Asian woman wearing a white dress spritzing heat protectant on her long black hair
Step 4

Start curling

Take a section of hair that is 5 to 6 cm wide and wrap it around your curling iron. Roll the curler away from your face as you wrap your hair around it. Hold it for three seconds, then release your hair from the curling iron. Repeat until all sections of your hair have been curled.

Waterfall braid: Asian woman wearing a white dress curling her black hair with a curling iron
Step 5

Part at the side

Get a tail comb and use it to part your hair at the side. Be careful not to flatten out your curls.


Waterfall braid: Asian woman wearing a white dress parting her long black hair at the side with a tail comb
Step 6


Take a small section from the side where you parted your hair. Divide this section into three equal parts.

Waterfall braid: Asian woman wearing a white dress styling her long black hair
Step 7

Start weaving

Raise the small section of your hair a little and start braiding towards the back of your head. Cross the top section over the middle section, then the bottom section over the new middle section. The former middle section should now hang at the bottom of your braid.

As you go along your braid, get a new top section from the rest of your hair. Cross this over the middle section, and then cross the bottom section of the middle. Then again, get a new top section and repeat the process. Braid until you reach the other side of your head.

Waterfall braid: Back shot of an Asian woman wearing a white dress putting her long black hair in a waterfall braid
Step 8

Continue braiding

Once you reach the other side of your head, continue with a three-strand braid at the side of your face. Secure with an elastic.

Waterfall braid: Asian woman wearing a white dress creating a waterfall braid on her long black hair
Step 9

Look pretty

Waterfall braid suits long and medium-length hair. It’s a simple ‘do that you can wear on occasions where you need to dress up a little, like a daytime wedding or lunch date. This hairstyle goes well with a knee-length dress to create a dainty and feminine look. Meanwhile, rock a boho look with this hairstyle by wearing a maxi-dress and flat sandals.



Waterfall braid: Asian woman wearing a white dress with long black hair in waterfall braid standing in front of a white wall outdoors

Order the products you need for this hairstyle through these links:
Sunsilk Strong and Long Shampoo
Sunsilk Strong and Long Conditioner
TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist

Level up your half updo by creating a waterfall braid. Master this hairstyle and wear your hair this way the next time you get invited to a special event.

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