How to Make Vintage Waves for Short Hair

Glam up your bob or lob with vintage waves for short hair. Check out this tutorial to learn how to create this hairstyle.

We understand the struggles of styling your short hair. While it is easy to style and maintain, there are times when you want to experiment with a new ‘do. And if you feel you’re stuck with same look, day by day, here’s some good news for you. Introducing, the vintage waves for short hair! If you want a huge change from how you usually wear your hair, creating vintage waves is a good way to start. In fact, you can do it in several easy steps. Interested? Go on and discover how you can style your short hair with beautiful waves.


Wash your hair

Prep your hair with a good wash using shampoo and conditioner to help nourish it and make it more bouncy. For this vintage waves for short hair tutorial, use Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner to help enhance your hair’s natural volume.


Protect from heat

After drying your hair, apply a few spritzes of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray to protect your hair from the heat.


Divide and conquer

Then, divide your hair into two horizontal sections and clip the upper section.


Start curling

Curl the lower section of your hair, one small section at a time. Use a curling want with a small barrel to achieve the right size of vintage waves for short hair. Make sure to curl your hair inward.


Tease your hair

After curling the entire lower section, tease your hair one section at a time to add volume and body to your curls.



Spray a few spritzes of TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your curls to make them last long.


Make it smooth

Smooth out your hair using a teasing comb.


Remove hair from the clip

Unclip a small section of hair but clip the rest back on.


Curl your hair

Wrap one section of your hair around the curling wand and curl inward. 


Curl your entire hair

Repeat this step until all sections of your hair have been curled to finish creating vintage waves for short hair.


Add more volume

Tease and spritz hairspray on your hair to give it volume.


Clip your curls

Shape your vintage waves using duck bill clips. Add these clips on the left and right sides of your hair.



Spray TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your hair again to help hold the shape of your vintage waves.


Remove the clips

Remove the clips and see how defined your vintage waves for short hair are.

#Hairhack: Spritz hairspray again on your hair and use your hairspray bottle to smoothen out flyaways. Repeat this hack on the other side of your hair.



You’re all done and your vintage waves for short hair are ready. Now, you’re all set for a party, night-out, or any event that needs you to glam up. 

Did you see how easy that was? You can do this hairstyle by yourself even if you’re just a hairstyling newbie. Just have the right tools and products ready, follow these steps slowly but surely, and most importantly, have fun styling your hair!

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