Swing it with victory rolls

Go vintage and show your classic beauty with the iconic victory rolls!  

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Victory rolls: Asian woman in a cafe with long dark hair in victory rolls



Victory Rolls, this style was quite popular during the 1940’s and 50’s, during and after World War II. A very iconic vintage hairdo popularized by the Hollywood starlets’ featured in most pin-ups on magazines of that era. Wear this classic look and stand out in any event or party you attend and let your ‘do be the point of interest for that night.

Ready to try and duplicate this look? It will require time and patience but with a little practice and a can-do attitude, you can recreate this look to a T.

How to make victory rolls


Wash your hair

Start with clean hair using a shampoo & conditioner that leaves your hair gorgeously sleek and manageable. So, your hair would be easily coaxed into the rolls you want to do to it and not damage it in the process. 

Begin with dry hair, preferably air dried not blown dried with heat.

victory rolls 1 wash


Brush your hair with a paddle brush and comb to remove any knots and tangles. To smoothen out your hair so flyaway can be minimized otherwise it can look messy with hair strands going in different directions.


victory rolls 2 brush


Using the tip of your tail comb, create a middle part. This serves as your reference point for where the rolls would end up.

Start by taking the right section of your side parting roughly 5cm, then smoothen your hair from the front.

victory rolls 3 comb

Tuck and rolls

Then, starting at the ends of your hair, (on the right section) begin to tuck and roll your strands to create your victory rolls.  Roll it up away from your face.

Remember you’re only working with the top part of your hair so the rest should be held back away from the area you’re concentrating on at the moment.

HAIRHACK: To get the same roll size, measure by using two or three of your fingers, depending on how big you want your victory rolls.

victory rolls 4 tuck and roll


Keep rolling your hair all the way until you reach your scalp.

victory rolls 5 keep rolling

Position the roll

Once you reach the roots, position your victory roll so that the rounded edge is facing your part and secure it with bobby pins.

victory rolls 6 position the rolls


Repeat the process on your left side as well. Make sure you do the same steps for the other side (left section) to have an identical size of both your rolls.

victory rolls 7 repeat


Using a curling iron, create a spiral-like curl to the rest of your hair. Work in small sections by wrapping your hair around the curling iron and twisting it inwards from the tops to the ends.

To make nice cascading curls all over to compliment your Victory rolls.

victory rolls 8 curl

Secure style

Spritz hairspray all over to keep your hairstyle fabulous throughout your event.  Be sure to spray on all sides of the rolls to keep it in place longer.

victory rolls 9 secure style


Glam it up and pair it with your favorite dress.

Vintage hairstyles: Asian woman with long dark hair in victory rolls

Yes! You have re-created one of the most iconic hairstyles by yourself. No need to pay a salon to get this ‘do going for you. It was a breeze to do, right?

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Practice re-creating this hairstyle and you’ll be an expert in doing victory rolls in no time. You can add twists and variations to suit the look and make it modern.