Twisted Updo: How Pinays Can Create This Gorgeous Hairstyle

Nothing like a classic wedding look with a modern edge. Check out how you can pull off this beautiful twisted updo hairstyle!

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Asian woman with twisted updo hairstyle wearing a white dress



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The last and first quarters of every year are often chosen as wedding dates. The slightly colder breeze is one factor why couples often choose this period. Add to that a scenic destination, and you have a perfect and picturesque wedding! Simply complete this picture by looking your best, and that includes choosing the perfect hairstyle. Can’t think of one? Try the twisted updo—here’s how it’s done.

Twisted Updo Tutorial for Pinays


Prep your hair

Before styling, make sure to wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner combo that can help make your hair healthy and strong. We recommend using Dove Nourishing Secrets Thickening Ritual Shampoo and Dove Nourishing Secrets Thickening Ritual Conditioner, which can help in strengthening your hair to withstand even the most intense hairstyling.

Asian woman hair wearing a white dressith long black h

Divide and tie your hair

Start styling by dividing your hair into left, right, and back sections using a tail end comb. Then tie the back section into a low ponytail using an elastic. This will be the foundation of your twisted updo.


Asian woman dividing her long hair into sections

Get rolling

To create your twisted updo, create a bun first. We recommend inserting a hair donut in the ponytail for a more polished and volumized bun. Then roll the ends of the ponytail around the donut and roll the donut until it reaches the base of your ponytail. Secure the bun by placing several bobby pins around it.

Twisted updo: Closeup shot of a hair donut being inserted in a low ponytail

Do the twist

Take the section of hair on the left side of your head, divide it into two sections, and twist until the tips. Tie the ends with an elastic. Tuck the ends of the twists around the base of the twisted updo and secure with bobby pins.


Twisted updo: Asian woman twisting a section of her hair


Repeat the same steps on the right section of your hair. When you’re done, you’ll have two twists wrapped around the base of your bun. 

Back shot of an Asian woman creating a twisted updo


Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to make sure that your updo lasts from beginning to end of the ceremony and reception.

Asian woman spraying hairspray on her twisted updo

You're ready!

Whether you’re the bride, the maid of honor, or one of the bridesmaids, the twisted updo can make you look elegant as you walk down the aisle. It’s also a versatile hairstyle that you can wear either in a daytime or late afternoon wedding. You can even jazz it up with a couple of fresh flowers if you wish!

Asian woman wearing a white dress with hair in a twisted updo standing against a leafy wall

Other Wedding Updos to Try

Aside from the twisted updo, you can also go for other bun hairstyles and updos on your big day. Can’t think of one? Here are other ideas.

1. Twisted Chignon for Curly Hair

Asian woman with twisted chignon hairstyle wearing a maroon dress outdoors
Calling all curly-haired girls! This ‘do is perfect for you. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Got curly hair? The twisted chignon is the perfect hairstyle to don if you’re going to attend formal gatherings like weddings. Given that this classic hairstyle features more twists, your curls would mesh well perfectly and you wouldn’t have to deal with unwanted stray hair strands.

2. French Rope Braid Updo

Back shot of an Asian woman with a French rope braid updo haristyle wearing a floral dress
The French rope braid updo makes for a gorgeous wedding hairdo. Credit: Natasha Estelle

The French rope braid updo might sound like a mouthful but believe us, it’s way easier to do. It also looks so gorgeous once it’s done. If you’re a fan of feminine and romantic hairstyles, then this one’s worth a try, especially if you’re part of the entourage!

3. Lace Braid Updo

Back shot of an Asian woman with lace braid updo hairstyle
It’s a versatile hairstyle that would match whatever formal dress you’re wearing! Credit: Natasha Estelle

Romance is truly in the “hair” with the lace braid updo hairstyle. This braided hairstyle features a low bun updo, which easily complements just about any style of formal dress.

4. Braided Updo

Asian woman with a braided bun hairstyle wearing a light pink dress
Even a simple braid can be turned into a gorgeous updo! Credit: Hariono Halim

Simple yet distinct, the braided updo is another romantic and feminine hairstyle to don for a wedding. With how it’s styled, especially in front, this one makes for a great bridal hairstyle for brides looking for a clean and polished ‘do for their big day.

5. Milkmaid Braid for Short Hair

Asian woman with milkmaid braid for short hair wearing a light blue dress
Short hair in a braided hairstyle? A big yes! Credit: Natasha Estelle

Wanna braid your short hair for a wedding? The milkmaid braid for short hair is perfect for that. Whether you’re wearing a floor-length gown or a floral midi-dress, you’ll look fab!

With all of these wedding hairstyle options, there’s no excuse for you to look drab at your next wedding. All of these hairstyles can be easily done in just a few minutes and are versatile enough to take you from the ceremony to the reception and even to the after-party!

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