9 Easy Steps in Creating a Twisted Chignon for Curly Hair

Do you want to style your curly hair in an updo? Try the twisted chignon for curly hair. Check out this easy tutorial to learn how to create this hairstyle. 

Curly hair can be tougher to style, and if you have kulot hair, you are very much familiar with these hair woes. With all the curls and coils, it takes more effort to keep curly hair moisturized. Because of this, curly hair tends to get extremely dry and frizzy, especially in a humid climate like ours. Thankfully, with some clever hairstyling tricks, you can take control over your curls and style them whichever way you want. You can even put them in a beautiful updo like the twisted chignon for curly hair.

In this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to create a versatile updo for your curly hair. This way, you’ll have more hairstyle options when you need to glam up or switch up your look. Ready? Here are the easy steps on how to make a twisted chignon for curly hair

How to Create a Twisted Chignon for Curly Hair


Prep hair

Make sure your hair curly hair is free from damage before you start with any hairstyle. Wash it with TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Shampoo and TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Conditioner. These products help bring back lost nutrients and nourish your hair so it is soft and salon-gorgeous.  



Take a section of hair

Gather a small section of hair near your hairline on one side and divide this section into two equal parts. 


Start twisting

Twist these two sections from your hairline downwards. Add a small section of hair as you go along. 


Keep twisting

Keep twisting and adding hair until you reach nape level. It’s like creating a rope braid–only it’s at the side. 


Continue until the tips

Keep twisting past your nape all the way to the tips of your hair. This time, you no longer need to add more hair as you go along. When done, secure the twist with an elastic. 



Form a bun

Take the twisted section and put it in a circle near your nape to form a bun. 


Pin the bun

Secure your bun with bobby pins. You can use as many pins as needed to make sure your bun doesn’t unravel. Just place your pins in spots where they won’t be seen. 


Repeat on the other side

Now, work on the other side of your hair. Just follow the same steps–from creating the twist up to forming the bun. Then, keep the second bun in place using bobby pins. 



Now, you’ve successfully created an updo for your curly hair. You can wear the twisted chignon for curly hair when you want to put your hair up on a hot day. It’s a polished hairstyle that you can wear to work together with your blazer and slacks; yet it also has character that can help give your look a dose of personality. 

That wasn’t so hard, right? We bet you can easily master creating the twisted chignon for curly hair. Let this be one of your favorite go-to hairstyles when you want to style your curls. And don’t forget to come back to this page for more hairstyle tutorials for any hair type.

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