Get a Perfect Sock Bun at Home in 7 Easy Steps

Ready to learn another hair hack? Take out your unused socks, because it’s time to make a sock bun.

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Sock bun: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in a bun and wearing a pink blouse

Bun hairstyles, like ponytails, are versatile. They can easily be dressed up or down, depending on your activity for the day. There are different ways of putting your hair in a bun. You can use a couple of hair ties and bunch of pins. You can also create a bun more easily by using a hair donut. If you don’t have one, you can make one using a sock. Read on to find out how to do the sock bun.

7 Easy Steps in Creating a Sock Bun


Wash your hair

Make your hair soft and nourished so you can easily create any hairstyle. Achieve this by washing your hair with Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo. With five flower essences, your hair stays fragrant all day long.

Sock bun tutorial: step 1

Make the cut

Create your sock hair donut by getting an unused sock and cutting out the toe part. Then, roll it to create a donut shape.

Sock bun: Closeup shot of hands holding scissors and cutting out the toe portion of a sock

Time to spray

Put your hair up in a high ponytail, gathering stray hair and loose strands in the process. Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to get rid of frizz and flyaways and help secure your hairstyle.

Sock bun: Asian woman spraying hairspray on her long black hair in a ponytail

Sock it

Put your ponytail into the sock donut that you created. Then, slide the sock donut toward the tip of your ponytail.

Sock bun: Asian woman putting a rolled sock bun on the ends of her ponytail

Open up and roll

Hold the sock donut along with the tip of your ponytail. Split the ends of your ponytail into three or four sections and tuck them in the sock donut.

Then, tuck your fingers under the sock donut. Then, roll the sock donut toward the base of your ponytail.

Sock bun: Asian woman rolling a sock donut together with her ponytail

Pin it

Secure your bun at the base using bobby pins. Use as many pins as you need. Make sure that your sock bun is completely hidden, especially if the color of the sock is in stark contrast with your hair. This will make your hairstyle look neater and more polished.

Sock bun: Asian woman pinning her bun on her hair

Beautiful bun

What’s good about a sock is that it’s light and stretchable, so it can accommodate thick hair as well. You can also use this DIY tool when styling curly hair.

When you’re done with your bun, you can loosen up a few strands near your hairline to create a chic, messy look. The sock bun is great for everyday styling when you have a busy day and you want to get your hair out of the way. 

Sock bun: Asian woman with long black hair in a bun sitting in a flower shop

Sock Bun: Ways to Wear This Unique Hairstyle

There is no limit to how and when you can use the sock bun hairstyle. But here are some of the cutest looks that you can try!

1. Braided Sock Bun

sock bun: Girl's back view is shown to reveal her braided sock bun hairstyle
Make your regular sock bun more stylish by including a braid. Credit: Shutterstock

Sock buns don’t have to be boring. When you wear it while working out or doing yoga, add a touch of style and sophistication by braiding a portion of your hair to tie along with your sock bun. Not only will you look fresh in class but it also makes your hairstyle fancy!

2. Hair-belted Style

sock bun: model is showing the back view of her hairstyle
Add a twist (literally!) to your sock bun. Credit: Shutterstock

This hairstyle is similar to the first one. But instead of a braid, a twisted section hair is wrapped around the sock bun. It’s a simpler option, but it’s as stylish and comfortable as the braided sock bun.

3. Half-up Sock Bun

Asian girl has her hands on her hair as she smiles at the camera
Make a beautiful mess on your hair! Credit: Shutterstock

Bun hairstyles don’t have to always be a full updo. If you prefer to look more casual, you can definitely do the half-up style and leave some loose sections of hair around your face. The messier you make it, the sexier it looks. So, ditch the comb and enjoy a messy, carefree hairstyle!

4. Low Sock Bun

Back view of model shows her low sock bun hairstyle
The sock bun is very versatile. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also use a sock to create a neat, low bun. It’s perfect for looking smart and professional when working from home.

Who would’ve known that you could use a sock to put your hair up? You don’t even need to spend a single cent just to get this styling tool. Now, share this sock bun tutorial with your friends. Who knows? This might be the hair hack they need right now.