Sleek Braid with Accessories: Cop This Hairstyle in a Few Easy Steps

Look no further for a new way to spice up your favorite hairstyle with this easy-to-follow tutorial!

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Asian woman with hair in sleek braid with accessories

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Braids are making a strong comeback. They’re no longer hairstyles that your mom made you wear when you were still going to preschool. Now, it’s become a stylish and feminine hairstyle that you can wear both during lazy days and on special occasions. In this tutorial, we’re breaking down how you can create a sleek braid with accessories to complete your stylish aesthetic!

4 Easy Steps to Create a Sleek Braid with Accessories


Wash your hair

The key to pulling off a sleek braid is by using the right products to wash your hair with. We recommend using Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner to help strengthen your hair and prevent breakage and excessive falling out. This ensures that you have a thicker braid and that your hair strands stay strong and firm even with a tighter braid.

V-Shape haircut: Asian woman prepping her hair for Sleek braid with accessories


Tie your hair

A useful hairstyling hack to keep strands in place is by spraying directly on a comb before you use it on your hair. Use TONI&GUY Finishing Shine Spray and spritz a bit on your tail comb. Then, use it to gather and tie your hair in a low ponytail using an elastic. This helps keep your hair sleek and polished all the way through.

#HairHack Depending on the quality of the elastic hair tie you’re using and the thickness of your hair, it would be better to use at least two to three elastic ties for better grip and hold.

Asia woman combing her long black hair

Start braiding

Now on to the braids! First, divide your low ponytail into three sections. From there, cross the left section over the middle part, then the right section over the middle. Repeat until you reach the end. Once you’ve reached the tips, use an elastic or two to secure your braid.

Asian woman braiding her long black hair

Head out

And now you’re all set! Before you head out, make sure your outfit goes well your sleek braid with accessories. For example, you can use hair accessories with gold tones and match it with an all-black ensemble if you’re headed for a night out. On the other hand, you can use a brightly colored rope hair accessory—maybe yellow or pink—for a stylish day out under the sun.

Whatever look you decide on, make sure it makes you feel better about yourself. And most importantly, have fun!

Asian woman with sleek braid with accessories

Even with a simple add-on, you can give more impact to a simple hairstyle, just like the sleek braid with accessories. Go on and be creative with your choice of ribbons, clips, or trinkets to adorn your braid with.

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