Side ponytail: Look sweet and dainty in this hairstyle

Add another 'do to your list of chic and easy hairstyles. Learn how to create a pretty side ponytail. 

Looking for ways on how to spice up your ponytail? You can put it up high or keep it low. If you’ve tried both hairstyles, it’s time to put it on the side. Don’t know how to do it properly? Let us show you how to make a sleek and pretty side ponytail. It will only take you five minutes to do.


Wash your hair

Use DOVE Straight & Silky Shampoo and DOVE Straight & Silky Conditioner to help repair your damaged hair cuticles. These hair products also has Micro Moisture Serum that helps keep your hair smooth, manageable, and frizz-free.


Brush your hair

Get a paddle brush and gently detangle your hair. Start brushing the tips. When you’re done detangling, slowly work your way up until you can smoothly brush your hair from root to tip.



Choose a side

Decide whether to put your ponytail on your left or right side. Gather your hair on that side, close to your nape, and tie with an elastic.


Be a wrap star

Take a small section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. This will make your hairstyle look sleek and polished. Then, secure with a bobby pin.


Try this hair hack

To add volume to your hairstyle, spritz TREsemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray on a tail comb. Then, use the tail of the comb to loosen up your hair starting from the roots. This will keep your hair from sitting too tightly on your scalp.

When done loosening up your hair, spritz hairspray on your hair as well to keep it sleek and to help make the hairstyle last long.



Show it off

With a pretty hairstyle like a side ponytail, why should you stay at home? Text your friends for a meetup and have that long overdue conversation over cups of coffee. You can also go shopping and look stylish while doing so. A side ponytail is also appropriate for simple, daytime weddings when formal attire is not required.


To order the products needed for this look, please use these links:

Dove Straight & Silky Shampoo 
Dove Straight & Silky Conditioner

Now that we’ve showed you how to put your hair in a side ponytail, it’s time to do it on your own. Bring out your styling tools, get in front of your mirror, and have fun primping your hair.

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