How to Master the Side Braid in 8 Easy Steps

Learn how to create a pretty side braid by checking out this tutorial. Also, don't miss the other side braid hairstyles that you must try now!

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A side braid is a type of braided hairstyle that’s worn on either the left or the right side. It can consist of a basic three-strand braid or other more elaborate braid types like French or fishtail braids. A side braid is usually worn on long hair because you need length to be able to put all your hair on one side and braid it.

A side braid exudes a soft look. It is also a chic and casual hairstyle that you can wear even when you’re just staying at home. Wanna know how to do one in style? Follow our guide to learn how to rock this braided hairstyle.

How to do the Side Braid


Wash your hair

Having soft, frizz-free strands is the key to nailing any look. Create a smooth braid and reduce pesky flyaways by starting with great hair care. Wash your locks regularly with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo. Follow it up with Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner for summer-ready tresses!

Side Braid – Step 1

Part your hair

When your hair’s fully dry, part your hair on the opposite side of where your braid would be. If you want your braid to be on the right side of your head, your part should be on your left side, and vice versa. Make a deep, side part to identify that style.

Side Braid – Step 2

Keep frizz at bay

Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on a sponge or a piece of cloth. Dab this on your hair to smoothen out frizz and flyaways. The spray will also help add a bit of grip to your hair to make braiding easier. 

Asian woman spraying hairspray on a piece of sponge

Section your hair

Now that your hair is ready for styling, start by dividing it into three sections. Line up this section on the side that you choose where your braid will be placed. Check the front portion, make sure that it is organized before you move on to the next step.

Side Braid – Step 4

Start braiding

Here comes the tricky part: actually braiding your hair! Lift the two sections on the side. Then, get the middle section and cross it under the left section. This left section now becomes the new middle section. 

Afterwards, get the right section and cross it over the new middle section. Again, this becomes the new middle section. Then, get the leftmost section and cross it over this new middle section of your hair. Continue until you reach the tips.

Side Braid – Step 5

Secure it

When you’re a couple of inches away from the ends of your hair (or where you’ like your braid to end), secure your braid with an elastic.

HAIR HACK: Wrap a lock of hair around the elastic at the bottom to give your braid a sleeker finish!

Side Braid – Step 7

Loosen your braid

Nail the relaxed bohemian look by gently tugging sections of your braid apart to loosen it.

Side Braid – Step 8

All set!

The side braid is a simple but chic hairstyle. You can wear it on your dressed-down days or when you want to glam up. Just pair it with a cute dress and some accessories to amp up your overall look. It’s also a stylish and practical work-from-home hairstyle, as it keeps hair off your face and makes you look neat for your video calls.

Asian woman with a side braid

Easy Side Braid Hairstyles to Try

Side braids are among our favorite hairstyles because they’re easy to nail and have many variations. Check out these styles that you can try on any day, even when you’re staying at home!

1. French Side Braid

Asian woman with long braided hair
Feel presko on a hot and humid day with this hairstyle. Credt: Hariono Halim

If you have long, thick hair, this hairstyle is perfect. To do this, start creating a French braid from either the left or right side of your head. Make your French braid go from one side all the way to the other, where the rest of your hair is. When you go past your nape, continue with a three-strand braid until you reach the tips. Secure your side French braid with an elastic or hair tie, and that’s it!

2. Messy Side Braid with Headband

girl is wearing a headband on her head to accentuate her messy braid
Nail the boho look. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Nail the boho-chic look with a uniquely-shaped headband on top of your messy side braid. You don’t need to comb or blow-dry your hair before braiding it. A nice wash and finger-combing can do the trick. Make sure to keep your braids loose to fully achieve the messy effect.

Bottle of Stunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo

Editor’s tip: Make your hair stronger as it grows by washing it with Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo.

3. Pull-through Side Braid

girl is looking sideways to show her side braid
Pull off this pull-through side braid. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Flaunt your long hair with this voluminous pull-through side braid. Nail the modern ‘Maria Clara’ look with a sophisticated-looking but easy-to-do hairstyle. You’ll love the feeling of your long hair falling over one shoulder. Exude the vibe of sweet innocence without going to the salon!

4. Side Braid for Short Hair

Asian girl is smiling with her new hairstyle
Even short hair can be braided. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Don’t be afraid to style your hair even if it’s short and while you’re staying at home! And if you like braiding it, you can most definitely do so and practically almost every other hairstyle. Just take a small section of hair on the side of your head and braid it like how you would braid long hair. All you need is creativity and imagination!

Editor’s tip: Make your braided hairstyle last longer by finishing it with a few spritzes of TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Extend Hold Hairspray. It helps keeps your hairstyle in place for extended periods without leaving a stiff and sticky residue.

5. Side-swept Dutch Braid

side braid: girl is gently touching her hair
Look sweet and feminine in this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Master the skill of braiding your hair with this side-swept Dutch braid hairstyle. It’s a great choice if you have thin hair because the braid can add volume to your hair. And if you add soft waves throughout your hair’s length, you create the illusion of voluminous and fluffy hair. Get this hairstyle done in less than 15 minutes and you’ll be ready for date night or a romantic dinner at home!

Side braids are cute and very dainty. So whether you’re going out or spending the day at home, make sure to braid your hair and keep it in style.