The Braidy Bunch: How to master the Side Braid

All Things Hair Team | 02 June 2018
Side Braid - Feature
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Add a bohemian touch to your look with a side braid! A loose twist is the perfect finishing touch to your summery frocks.


Summer is the best time to introduce breezy silhouettes and loose frocks to your wardrobe. Keeping cool is now a top priority, and floaty dresses, bronzed shoulders, and statement earrings comprise the look du jour for the season. A ‘do that spells boho chic, like a tousled Side Braid, will be the perfect finishing touch.  Follow our guide to learn how to rock this summer hair staple!

How to do the Side Braid

Side Braid – Step 1

Wash your hair

Having soft, frizz-free strands is the key to nailing any look. Create a smooth braid and reduce pesky flyaways by starting with great hair care. Wash your locks regularly with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo. Follow it up with Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner for summer-ready tresses!

Side Braid – Step 2

Part your hair

When your hair’s fully dry, part your hair on the opposite side of where your braid would be. If you want your braid to be on the right side of your head, your part should be on your left side, and vice versa. Make a deep, side part to identify that style.

Side Braid – Step 3

Add definition

Define your hair’s layers by applying TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax on your locks. This will not only add shape but gives flexibility and re-workable control. Once you are done with styling your hair, it will also provide a slick shine. It will give your braid that sharp and cool finish.

Side Braid – Step 4


Now that your hair is ready for styling, start by dividing it into three sections. Line up this section on the side that you choose where your braid will be placed. Check the front portion, make sure that it is organized before you move on to the next step.

Side Braid – Step 5

Start braiding

Here comes the tricky part, actually braiding your hair! With those three sections, we got from the previous step, get the section on the far left, cross it underneath the section beside it. Then over the third section, then under the fourth section.

Side Braid – Step 6

Continue braiding

Continue with each “new” far left section until you have completely braided your hair all the way down. It’s a bit confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of it with practice!

Side Braid – Step 7

Secure it

When you’re a couple of inches away from the ends of your hair (or where you’d like your braid to end), secure your braid with an elastic.


HAIR HACK: Wrap a lock of hair around the elastic at the bottom to give your braid an edgy touch!

Side Braid – Step 8

Loosen up

Nail the relaxed bohemian look by gently tugging sections of your braid apart to loosen it.

Side Braid – Step 9

Glam up!

The Side Braid is a hairstyle that’s simple yet very fashionable and never goes out of style. Pair it up with a cute dress and accessories to amp up your overall look. Wear it with your personality and be that ray of sunshine to light up everyone’s day.

There you have it—the Side Braid! We love how this hairdo straddles the line between dressy and casual, making it a great mane option for all your summer looks. If you’re looking for a fuss-free ‘’do” that can take you from a summer barbecue to a beach party, look no further than the Side Braid!

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