Side Braid with Voluminous Waves: How to Create this Day-to-Night Look

Upgrade your look easily with the side braid with voluminous waves! Read on to learn how to do this.

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Asian woman with long hair wearing a sleeveless dress sitting in a restaurant

When things and days go by fast, fixing your hair tends to be the last item on our priority list. And sometimes, you simply end up with a basic ponytail or a messy low bun. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t hate lazy looks. But we believe a great hairstyle can help make you feel better on a busy day. One of these hairstyles is the side braid with voluminous waves.

Ready to try it out? Read on to learn how to make this hairstyle in seven easy steps.

How to Create a Side Braid with Voluminous Waves



A good hairstyle always starts with healthy hair. Wash your hair with shampoo that will nourish your hair back to its health. Follow it up with the Cream Silk Damage Control Conditioner to repair and protect your locks from further damage.  


Asian woman with freshly washed hair

Part your hair

Now that you’re done prepping you rhair, use the tip of your tail comb to part your hair all the way to your nape on any side. Want to make it really edgy? Make your side part deep. This will give you a faux shaved look. Take the bigger section of your hair and clip it. 


Back shot of an Asian woman parting her hair into sections using the tip of a tail comb

Braid your hair

Now, create a three-strand braid on the other section of your hair. Start by dividing it into three vertical parts. Cross the left section over the middle, then the right over the new middle. Add more hair as you go along. Once you reach past your nape, stop adding more hair and switch to a regular braid. When done, tie it with an elastic.

Asian woman braiding her hair

Curl your hair

You’re halfway through your side braid with voluminous waves!

After creating a braid, curl the other section of your hair. Remove the clip, divide this section into two horizontal layers, and curl one small section at a time using a big barrel curler.



Side braid with voluminous waves: Asian woman curling her hair with a curling iron


Hide the end of the braid under your curled hair. To do this, just clip your hair first, place the braid above your nape, pin it, then remove the clip.


woman doing a side braid


Add more volume to your ‘do! Tease some sections of hair on your crown and spritz hairspray under these sections to strengthen their hold. Use TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray so you won’t have to deal with sticky residue.


Side braid with voluminous waves: Asian woman teasing her hair with a comb

Rock your final look

All done! Now, you’re ready to party with your friends. You can also wear this hairstyle when going on a fancy dinner date. Add more glam to your whole look by wearing gold statement earrings.


Side braid with voluminous waves: An Asian woman posing with her new hairstyle

Simple and easy, isn’t it? You may have a long day ahead but with a side braid with voluminous waves, you’ll be rocking a hot look from day to night. And you can wear this hairstyle even better when your hair is protected against damage. Always remember to include Cream Silk Damage Control Conditioner in your hair care routine to help repair damaged strands. This conditioner also gives you softer, more resilient hair, so you can enjoy experimenting with different looks without having to worry about hair damage.

What are you waiting for? Get Cream Silk Damage Control Conditioner now and add it to your beauty arsenal.