Asian woman with side bangs wearing a denim jacket

Easy Ways to Style Side Bangs at Home

Make your side bangs neat and stylish with these simple styling tricks.

Hair trends come and go, but some trends oftentimes come back after being out of the scene for a few years. Take the side bangs, for example. If you want to have fringe softly framing your face, getting side bangs is a good move. And if you’ve been wanting to get them, this is the best time to do it, especially since we have two stylish ways to wear it. Ready? Read on!

Side Bangs: Deep Side Part with Waves

Side bangs and waves make a great tandem. The combination turns any ordinarily cut hair into a stylish mane. It’s perfect if you love dainty and romantic looks.


Part your hair

Use the tail of a comb to create a side part. If you already have one, you just have to move it a little bit more to the side to create a deep side-part.

girl is using a tailcomb to section her hair

Gather hair and tease

Take a section of your hair on top of your head and backcomb it to add volume. This will keep your hair from falling flat and limp.

side bangs: girl is teasing the top part of her hair

Curl your hair

Bring back the deep side-part and use a curling wand to create waves on your hair. Start with your side bangs, then, work your way through the rest of your hair. Spray with TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray.



Girl is holding a curling wand and making waves on her hair


You’re all set! Your hair now looks extra gorgeous with wavy side bangs!


Girl is showing her new hairstyle


Side Bangs: Rolled Side Bangs with Middle Part

You don’t need to have a side part when wearing side bangs. If you naturally have a center part, you can maintain it then roll your fringe at the side. Here’s how to style it.


Part your hair

Begin styling your hair by creating a neat middle part.

side bangs: Asian girl is holding a section of her hair.

Clip the bangs

Use a duckbill clip to keep one side of your bangs in place. This will help you work on the other side more easily.

side braid: girl is putting a clip on her hair before styling it

Curl your bangs

Take the unclipped bangs and start rolling them outward with your curling wand. Then, do the same on the other side of your bangs. Spritz a little bit of TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to help maintain the shape of your bangs. 

girl is curling her hair


Now, you’re finished styling your bangs. It’s a simple and relaxed look you can where even if you’re staying home all day. After all, there’s no policy against looking and feeling good even when you’re locked up at home, right?

girl is wearing a denim jacket and showing off her hairstyle

With these simple ways on how to style side bangs, you can get beautiful fringe anytime. You can even turn to these styling tricks when your bangs are starting to grow and they’re already at an awkward length. And the best part? Creating these looks doesn’t require too much time, so you can do this even if you just want a quick touch-up.