Shampoo for Dry Hair: Simple Way to Treat Dry Hair at Home

Give your hair the pampering it needs with these simple steps.

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shampoo for dry hair: girl with long hair is sitting on the couch

We all want beautiful and smooth hair, but with the heat and humidity, it seems difficult to achieve. Dry hair can put a damper on any hairstyle, may it be a braid or a simple down ‘do. But, thanks to hair science, we can treat our dry hair without visiting the salon. Knowing the right shampoo for dry hair and simple DIY treatment can help you restore your hair’s health right in the comfort of your own home! Check out this tutorial to save your dry hair.

Shampoo for Dry Hair and Treatment at Home


Section your hair

Divide your hair into top, middle, and bottom parts.

shampoo for dry hair: Girl is sectioning her hair in front of the mirror

Secure the sections

Clip the top and middle sections of your hair. Doing so will allow the treatment to penetrate the strands effectively. 

shampoo for dry hair: girl is clipping her hair

Prep your DIY treatment

Mix coconut oil and olive oil in a bowl to use as hair moisturizer before shampooing.

Model's hand is seen touching the mixture in the bowl

Put it on your hair

Apply the oil evenly on the bottom section of your hair.

shampoo for dry hair: model is applying the mixture to her hair's bottom section


Remove the clips and apply the mixture on the middle and bottom sections of your hair.

Girl is covering her hair with the oil mixture

Apply oil on scalp

If you have dry scalp, apply the mixture on it too. Massage the scalp to spread the oil evenly and for better absorption. Don’t worry about removing the oil because your shampoo for dry hair will take care of it later.

shampoo for dry hair: girl's hands are on her scalp as she massages it with the oil

Wrap your hair

Cover your hair with a towel that has been soaked in hot water. Make sure that your towel has a soft and smooth fabric to prevent hair breakage, frizz, and damage.

Girl's hair is wrapped in a white towel

Rinse out the oil

After 30 minutes, remove the towel and wash your hair with cold water.

Girl is washing her hair with the shower head

Pour shampoo onto palm

Now, it’s time to use your shampoo for dry hair. To wash your hair properly, put TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo on your palm. Rub your palms together, then apply the shampoo on your roots.

Girl is holding a shampoo bottle and putting some shampoo on her palm

Massage your scalp

This will promote circulation and help remove oil from your hair.

shampoo for dry hair: girl is massaging the shampoo on her scalp

Apply to rest of your hair

Include your nape area, too, to make sure there’s no oil residue left. 

girl's back view is seen to show how she includes her nape area in washing


Wash off your shampoo for dry hair thoroughly using cold water. Then, let your hair dry naturally.

Girl is washing the shampoo off her hair

Brush your hair

Use a paddle brush to smooth out your hair once it dries on its own.

Girl is brushing her hair with a paddle brush


Feel good with your smooth and soft hair!

shampoo for dry hair: girl is showing off her newly washed hair

That wasn’t hard at all! So, you now can enjoy smoother and shinier hair without going to the salon.