Asian woman with see-through bangs

See-Through Bangs: How to Style This Type of Fringe in 5 Easy Steps

Look chic and laidback with see-through bangs! Here's how to style your fringe this way.

See-through bangs are thin, wispy bangs that show a bit of your forehead. They are often worn a bit longer at the sides to give your fringe a layered shape. Unlike the full, blunt bangs, see-through bangs work at giving you a softer look because they are less dense. This type of fringe frames your face without covering your forehead entirely, allowing you to “see through” it. It also looks lighter and more laidback.

It is often seen these days on various Korean hairstyles. If you want to ride the K-Wave with your hair, getting see-through bangs is a great idea. Styling it is a total breeze, too. Here’s how. 

How to Style See-Through Bangs


Start fresh and frizz-free.

With this hairstyle, it’s better to work with freshly-washed hair. Remember to choose a shampoo-and-conditioner duo that is specifically formulated to make your hair sleek and smooth. 

Bottle of TRESemme Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo

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Blow-dry your hair.

Use a round brush while blow-drying your hair to give it bounce and volume. Blow-drying also helps get rid of tikwas as you brush the tips of your hair inwards.


Shape your bangs.

Make your bangs curl inwards instead of stick straight, so use a small hair roller to give it a bit of a curve.


Separate your strands.

Gently run your fingers through your see-through bangs to separate the strands and make your fringe look wispy.

Asian woman with short hair wearing a denim jacket

Rock your see-through bangs!

Say hello to your trendy look! Complement your see-through bangs with soft, beach waves to complete your laidback look. Or, you can scrunch your hair to create a relaxed, messy-chic look. 

Asian woman with short hair wearing a denim jacket


Other Ways to Wear Your Bangs

1. Full, Blunt Bangs

How to style blunt bangs for long hair: Asian woman with long dark hair with bangs wearing an orange blouse
Give your long hair some attitude with straight blunt bangs. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Exude a sophisticated vibe with pin-straight blunt bangs along with long hair. Maintaining blunt bangs takes a bit more effort, but don’t worry, styling this type of fringe is easy. It’s also worth the extra effort because this is a look you can wear from day to night.

2. Side Fringe

Asian woman with long hair with curly side fringe sitting in a restaurant
A bit of wave on your fringe adds flair to your hairstyle.

Got side bangs? Or are you trying to grow out your fringe? One way to style a growing fringe is to put it on the side and curl it. Then, complement your curly side fringe with big waves for a touch of Hollywood glam.

3. Wispy Bangs

Asian woman with long black hair
Wispy bangs help give you a relaxed vibe. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If pin-straight blunt bangs seem too uptight or you, go for wispy bangs. It’s similar to see-through bangs, but wispy bangs sport a somewhat unstyled look. Wispy bangs can save your look if you’re having a bad hair day. With this type of fringe’s casual and relaxed appearance, no one will notice if you have misbehaving strands.

4. Baby Bangs

Asian woman with long black hair wearing a red top
Want to look edgy? Get baby bangs. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This type of fringe is shorter than your regular full bangs. It falls above your eyebrows and gives you an edgy, high-fashion look. To nail this ‘do, straighten your baby bangs with a flat iron to keep them straight and down.

Ready to get a fringe? If you’re not sure if it’s for you, it helps to know your face shape and the types of bangs that are flattering for it. Then, you can confidently rock your new ‘do—whether you get a side fringe, full bangs, or see-through bangs.