Modern Quiff for Men: How to Style It and What You Need

Find out how you can pull off this modern and dapper look that you can wear from casual days to the workplace. Read on to learn how to create a modern quiff for men. 

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Asian man with modern quiff for men hairstyle

The quiff has become a classic go-to for men. It is a hairstyle that speaks of confidence and cutting-edge style, But what does it truly entail? The classic quiff typically features a short back and sides. It also has longer hair on top that’s swept upwards and then back at the front part. The great thing about this is its flexibility because you can have it messy, brushed, and even straightened. In this tutorial, we’re breaking down how to cop a more modern take on the quiff, in which it looks more natural and relaxed but still well put-together. Here’s how to create a modern quiff for men.

Easy Steps to Create the Modern Quiff for Men


Wash your hair

Using Clear Anti-Dandruff Cool Sport Menthol Shampoo, give your hair a thorough washing to keep it refreshed while also removing dandruff. With the right shampoo, you’ll be able to have more manageable hair that’s easier to style when creating a modern quiff for men. 


Modern quiff for men: Asian man with damp hair

Dry your hair

After washing, towel-dry your hair until it is half damp before styling it. Use a soft microfiber towel or a smooth fabric to avoid hair breakage.


Asian man towel drying his hair

Apply styling putty

Get a small amount of TONI&GUY Men Styling Putty and gently rub it against both palms before you start applying on your hair. Make sure to follow your hair’s natural direction. Apply some product on the back part of your hair as well. The putty will help your modern quiff for men retain its shape. 

#HairHack: Apply a small amount of putty on the palm of your hand and lightly heat it with a hairdryer. This will make the putty more pliant and much easier to style.


Asian man rubbing his palms together

Style your hair backward

Complete the modern quiff for men hairdo by styling your hair backward using your fingers for a more textured look. It’s completely up to you how slick and polished you want it to be, but if you want it to look more natural, then just use a small amount of product when styling.

Asian man styling his hair to create modern quiff for men

Look stylish

Now, you have a stylish modern quiff for men! With just a styling putty and a few strokes on your hair, you’ve created this hairstyle that you can wear every day. It’s a smart look to wear at work together with your business attire. When going out on a date or with friends, pair this hairstyle with a trendy shirt and jacket to look your best. 

Asian man with modern quiff for men wearing a jacket

There’s much discussion between the similarity of a quiff to a pompadour. A pompadour proves to be more slick and smooth, while a quiff can tend to be more edgy and natural, making it a favorite for today’s modern man. The modern quiff for men is one hairstyle that can surely earn you a whole lot of “pogi points” wherever you go. Best of all, this is a versatile hairstyle for men that also goes well with a wide range of clothes and for different purposes and occasions.