How to Create a Milkmaid Braid for Short Hair + Other Must-Try Braids

Update your braid game with a dainty and chic milkmaid braid for short hair. Check out how you can pull this off!

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Asian woman with milkmaid braid for short hair wearing a patterned top

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Want to pull off a pigtail-like braid but with more sophistication and polish? The milkmaid braid might just be your next favorite braided hairstyle, especially with how versatile it can be when it comes to how you can match it with different outfits. If you have short hair, don’t worry. We’re showing you an easy and quick way on how you can create a milkmaid braid for short hair.

Steps in Creating a Milkmaid Braid for Short Hair


Prep hair

Before anything else, prep your hair by using products that can help strengthen your hair strands to prevent breakage. This is especially important if you’re doing braids and subsequently using other products such as hairspray or gel. We recommend using the powerful combination of TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. This can repair up to two years’ worth of damage, as well as protect it against future damage.

Asian woman touching her hair to prep it for milkmaid braid for short hair


Clip your hair

To start, create a middle parting using the tip of the tail of your comb. Clip one side of your hair to make it easier for you to start braiding.

#HairHack: Spritz some hairspray on your hair to give it a better grip. We recommend using TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to also help your braided hairstyle last longer throughout the day.

Asian woman clipping one side of her short hair

Start braiding

Divide one side of your hair into three smaller parts to create a Dutch braid from your hairline going down. To do this, cross the left section under the middle, then the right under the new middle section. Simply add more hair to your braid as you go along. When you reach the tips, secure your braid with an elastic.


Asian woman creating a milkmaid braid for short hair

Do it again

Repeat the same process to the other side of your hair. Don’t worry if your braids aren’t perfect. Just continue until you create two cute Dutch braids. 

Asian woman creating a milkmaid braid for short hair

Pin and polish

Now on to the finishing touches for your milkmaid braid for short hair! Use bobby pins to clip together the tips of your braid to the rest of your hair. Do it in such a way that the pins are hidden, and the tail ends of your braids are intertwined with your hair as well and not protruding from it. Spray on a bit more hairspray or hair polish if need be in order to keep the strands in place.

Back shot of Asian woman pinning her milkmaid braid for short hair

Other Braids to Try

Still looking for more braided hairstyles to try? Check out these stylish braids and try them right now!

1. Headband braid

Asian woman with headband braid hairstyle sitting outdoors
Give your hair a break from usual ponytails and go for this chic headband braid. Credit: Hariono Halim

Want to add some (literal) twist to your hair? Create a headband braid for an instant look upgrade that you can wear from day to night! You can also wear this ‘do even if you have short or medium-length hair.

2. Half up half down fishtail braid

Back shot of an Asian woman with short hair in a half up fishtail braid
Add oomph to a regular half updo by creating a fishtail braid. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Do away with the regular braided half ponytail and go for a fishtail braid half updo. Just tie the upper section of your bob or lob into a half ponytail and form a fishtail braid. It’s easy and it looks unique, too!

3. French rope braid updo

French rope braid updo: Back side of an Asian woman showing off her French rope braid updo with a smile
Feel like a princess with the ever-so-regal French rope braid updo.

If you need a more elegant and regal look, then this French rope braid updo may just be exactly what you need. You can wear with a pretty, flowy dress during a daytime gathering or together with your LBD for a fancy dinner or cocktail party.

4. Crown braid for short hair

Asian woman with crown braid hairstyle wearing a red top
This hairstyle instantly gives you an elegant look. Credit: Hariono Halim

Another braided hairstyle that reminds us of royalty is the crown braid. As its name suggests, the braid perfectly frames the top of your head to create this dainty and feminine look.

5. Waterfall braid

Asian woman wearing a white dress with hair in waterfall braid hairstyle
Not overly done yet completely sophisticated—this is what the waterfall braid is all about. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you’re not too keen on putting your hair in an updo or in a ponytail, then we recommend trying out this sleek and chic waterfall braid. What’s great about this braided hairstyle is that even girls with short to medium-length hair can pull it off in just a few easy steps.

Now there’s no excuse for you to get bored of your hair regardless of its length. With the milkmaid braid for short hair and other braided hairstyle, you’ll be able to nail a versatile look that you can wear for different occasions and purposes.

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