Style a Messy Layered Bob in 7 Easy Steps

Bored with your regular bob? Jazz it up by creating a messy layered bob. Read on to learn how. 

Got a bob? You may be stumped with ideas on how to style it. A simple blowout is fine, but if you want to make your hair look more exciting, play with texture. Why don’t you try a messy-chic look? Read on to learn how to style a messy layered bob.

Step 1

Wash your hair

Boost your hair’s natural volume by using DOVE Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and DOVE Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner. These will make your hair soft and bouncy. 


Messy layered bob: Asian woman with short dark hair wearing a striped shirt
Step 2

Protect from heat

Spritz TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray on your hair to protect your strands from heated styling tools. This will keep your hair from getting damaged. 


Messy layered bob: Asian woman spraying heat protectant on her short dark hair
Step 3

Apply mousse

Make your hair look fuller by applying TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse. Distribute the product evenly on your hair. 



Messy layered bob: Asian woman with short dark brown hair putting hair mousse on her palms
Step 4

Dry your hair

Brush your hair while blow-drying to help activate the volumizing agents in the mousse. 

Messy layered bob: Asian woman brushing and blow drying her short dark brown hair
Step 5

Curl your hair

It’s time to create soft, loose waves! Take a small section of hair and wrap it around a curling iron. Then, roll the curling iron outwards. Repeat this step until all sections of your hair have been curled. 

Messy layered bob: Asian woman curling her short dark brown hair and smiling
Step 6

Scrunch your hair

When you’re done curling your hair, scrunch it to create a fuller look. 

Messy layered bob: Asian woman scrunching her short dark brown hair wearing a denim jacket


Step 7

Show it off!

Go out on a fine day and flaunt your hairstyle. With a messy layered bob, you can easily add oomph to a casual, everyday outfit. It also suits an edgy, rocker-chic look, so feel free to create this ‘do if this is your personal style. If you’re more of the dainty type, you can also wear a messy layered bob along with your flowy dresses. 


Messy layered bob: Asian woman with short dark brown hair wearing a denim jacket in front of a street mural

Get the products you need for this hairstyle by using the following links:
DOVE Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo
DOVE Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray
TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse

Lovin’ your messy layered bob? Here are other ways to style your short hair.

1. Braided bob

How to style a bob: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with straight dark bob with braids wearing a black shirt outdoors
Braids for short hair? Definitely a yes!

Yup, you can braid short hair, too! Just take one or two sections on one side of your bob, braid them, and pin them to keep them in place. You can wear this hairstyle with a casual get-up or a dressy outfit, so go try this versatile ‘do now.

2. Bob with headband

Chin length hairstyles: Asian woman with short dark hair with headband wearing eyeglasses and a black shirt
Add personality to your ‘do by wearing a printed headband.

Pressed for time? Just put on a headband or a headscarf, and off you go! If you’re growing out your bangs, wearing a headband can keep them off your face.

3. Sleek and straight

Elegant hairstyles for short hair: Closeup shot of a woman with straight black bob wearing white
You’ll never go wrong with straight and sleek hair. Credit:

If you want it clean and simple, just straighten your bob with a flat iron to make it look sleek and polished. Style your blunt bob this way to get rid of frizz and flyaways and keep your bob in good shape. Don’t forget to spray heat protectant on your hair before ironing to prevent heat damage.

Ready to style your short hair? Now that you know how to create a messy layered bob and other short hair looks, you won’t run out of ideas. Share this tutorial with your friends so all of you can rock chic hairstyles. Have fun!

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