the man bun braid is done

Man Bun Braid: Easy Steps to Create This Hairstyle for Pinoy Men

Take hairstyling up a notch by doing the man bun braid. Plus, check out more hairstyles for men that you can try.

The man bun hairstyle is growing popular these days and most men are copying it for their hairstyle. It’s hip and practical, especially when you’re busy and you want to get strands off your face. But did you know that you can turn a simple man bun into a cool man bun braid? Here’s how to do it, and soon, you’ll be trying out this hairstyle to keep your strands in place.

How to Create the Man Bun Braid


Fight dandruff

The key to a great hairstyle is always a good wash. Use CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men to help make your scalp dandruff-free. It is formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10 that helps activate your scalp’s natural protective layer so you can better fight and prevent dandruff. It also has menthol that leaves a cooling sensation on your scalp while removing dirt, grease, and grime.

Asian man with clean hair wearing a red jacket

Apply styling gel

After drying your hair, make sure to apply a styling gel to help hold the braids in place. This will also give your man bun braid a sleek look. We recommend using VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel to protect your man bun braid from humidity.


the hands of the model are seen having gel

Gather your hair

Then, finger-comb the top section of your hair backward to gather it. This will be the section you will be braiding and putting into a man bun braid.

Model is seen gathering his hair to make the man bun braid

Section your hair

Divide your hair into three sections and get ready for braiding.

Model is seen sectioning his hair to make the man bun braid

Start braiding

You can now braid your hair by putting the right section over the middle one and the left one over the new middle section.

Asian guy is braiding his hair to make the man bun braid

Just keep braiding

Continue braiding your hair until you reach your crown.

Model is braiding the tips of his hair

Tie the braid

Secure your man bun braid with an elastic.

guy is tying an elastic to his hair

Good job!

Your man bun braid is now done! You’re all set to go out and face the day.

Asian man with a man bun braid wearing a red hoodie

Other Hairstyles for Men

With medium-length and long hair getting more popular among men, there are more hairstyles that you can experiment with. Here are some of them.

1. Low Man Ponytail

Asian guy is looking at the camera wearing his low bun hair
The mid-part brings out your masculinity. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Got long hair that goes beyond your shoulders? A man ponytail is perfect for you. You can wear it anywhere, including the office or chilling out at the bar with your friends. The center part makes it look a bit more polished.

2. Samurai Man Bun

Man bun braid: Asian guy is looking sideways to show the samurai bun
Cute name for a cute hairstyle. Credit: Dennie Ramon

You don’t have to be Japanese to wear this samurai man bun hairstyle. You just have to tie a hair rope around your elastic after creating your man bun.

3. Half Up Man Bun

Man bun braid: guy's back is facing the camera to show the half up bun
Even men can wear this kind of hairstyle. Credit: Dennie Ramon

If you want to keep your hair down but you also want to keep strands away from your face, this hairstyle is for you. Just put the upper half of your hair up and tie it into a bun to achieve the look.

4. Sleek Man Bun

man bun braid: Guy is wearing a leather jacket and a man bun
Look good with an undercut style. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Emphasize your nice undercut with a sleek man bun. You can also combine it with a disconnected undercut to make it more hip and sophisticated.

5. Bun Updo

Asian guy in a brown jacket has his hair in a bun
Put your hair up on a warm day. Credit: Dennie Ramon

If you’re having a busy day ahead, especially during the summer months, this man bun is perfect. It keeps you presko all day even if you’re spending hours outdoors.

Long hair for men is now easier to wear, thanks to the different updos like the man bun braid. Try it now and see how great it looks on you.