Low Bubble Ponytail for Medium Hair in 6 Easy Steps

Create a quirky hairstyle that's perfect for hot days! Try the low bubble ponytail for medium hair. Here's how to do it.

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Asian woman with low bubble ponytail hairstyle wearing a black tank top outdoors

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Introducing the low bubble ponytail!

In a world of high maintenance updos, tight curls, and messy buns, a go-to style that you can use no matter what time of day or occasion is a ponytail, especially the low bubble ponytail. 

Ponytails are especially helpful during hot and humid days. They’re the easiest hairstyles create when you need to get your hair out of your face. From cute braided ponytails to the trusty low ones, there are many stylish hairstyles that you can try out!  

A low bubble ponytail is an example of a fun style that adds volume. It features a simple ponytail that has multiple sections of about two inches or so that are secured with elastics. It may look difficult to execute, but it’s surprisingly simple. And best of all, you can style a bubble ponytail with accessories like barrettes and scrunchies for that extra pop of color. Here’s how to do it. 

Easy Steps to Create a Low Bubble Ponytail


Start with healthy hair

In order to pull off this low bubble hairstyle, you need to boost the volume of your hair. By shampooing with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and finishing off with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner, you nourish your hair and help make it bouncy.


girl wearing a black top is holding two bottles for cleaning her hair, in preparation for her low bubble ponytail

Get rid of tangles

A paddle brush is handy for minimizing damage as it reduced hair pulling. Run the brush gently along your hair to get rid of tangles before styling it.  

girl wearing a black top is brushing her hair

Tease your hair

Use the tail end comb to tease the top part of your hair for extra volume. The fluffier, the better. 

girl wearing a black top is holding the tips of her hair to tease it

Start creating ponytails

It’s finally time to start on that ponytail! Gather the topmost section of your hair and tie it into a half ponytail using an elastic. 

#HairHack: Wrap a small section of your hair around the elastic to create a seamless look. Secure with a bobby pin afterward, but make sure it is hidden well. 

girl wearing a black racerback top is tying her hair into a ponytail

Make bubbles

Pick up a new section of hair from the side and tie it together with the first ponytail. Gently tug your hair to make a bubble. Repeat the process until you’ve created three or more bubbles, depending on the length of your hair. Use the grooming brush to put unruly hair strands back in place. Your low bubble hairstyle is almost done!


girl is facing her back to the camera and is tying the last of her low bubble ponytail

Set with hairspray

Spray TONI&GUY Body Amplify Creation Hairspray all over your hair to keep it secure. That way, your bubble ponytail can last all day! 

girl wearing a black top is setting her low bubble ponytail with hairspray

Try these ponytail hairstyles aside from the low bubble hairstyle

Low ponytail hairstyles may not be uncommon but they are quick to do and easy to wear. Here are some examples of how you can wear this classic hairstyle.

1. Greek low ponytail

girl is wearing a purple top with her back facing the camera to show off her Greek low ponytail hairstyle
Look like a Greek goddess anytime!

This hairstyle needs a thin headband which you will use a guide for rolling-in your hair. Simply wear the headband the way the ancient Greek goddesses did and slowly insert strands of your hair on both sides of your head into the headband. Do this until you reach your nape area. Then, tie your hair with an elastic and twist them if you want to. You can also create bubbles with this.

2. Sleek low ponytail

girl with her bare shoulders smiles at the camera with her sleek and sexy low ponytail
Simple yet elegant is what makes this hairstyle eternal

Whatever the occasion or season, a simple and sleek low ponytail always steals the show. Achieve this look by simply gathering your hair into a ponytail and setting it low, just a little above your nape. You can cover the elastic by taking a few strands and wrapping it around the elastic. Comb your hair and smoothen it out for the best finish.

Editor’s tip: This hairstyle is even sexier if your hair is not frizzy. After setting your hair into a ponytail, add a few drops of TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops to make it sleek and shiny!

3. Twisted low ponytail

girl wearing a light green top is facing her back to the camera to show her twisted low ponytail hairstyle which is a variation to the low bubble ponytail
A sophisticated yet simple hairstyle

This hairstyle looks complicated but it is actually simple. Just comb your hair to remove tangles, then, bring together both sides of your hair, laying the left side over the right one. Secure with bobby pins as you go along. Tie the hair with an elastic at your nape to complete the low ponytail.

4. Voluminous low ponytail

Blond-hair girl is facing her side to reveal her voluminous low ponytail
Turn heads with this hairstyle

You can wear this hairstyle for evening appointments. Start by teasing your entire hair using a tail comb. Then, gather them loosely into a ponytail and tying it near your nape area. Tug on the strands to create volume. Voila! You are all set!

5. Side-swept low ponytail

girl's back is shown, with her ponytail and black elastic
Sexy and stylish

Get rid of boring ponytail hairstyles with this side-swept low ponytail which is a great variation to the low bubble ponytail. You can simply tie your hair and bring it over towards one side of your hair. Then, secure with bobby pins. You can also add a little ribbon on it to accessorize.

Whether it’s for a day out with friends, a party, or even just a day in the office, a low bubble ponytail is a great way to add life to your hair. This volumizing hairstyle is perfect for keeping your hair in place, especially if it’s layered. And it looks just positively stylish to boot! 

Now, you have several ideas for your next ponytail hairstyle. Have fun trying these out!




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