How to Wash Hair in 6 Easy Steps

Yes, there is a right way to wash your hair. Is that what you're doing? Let us show you how to wash your hair the right way in this tutorial. 

Washing your hair seems basic, but how you do it can affect your hair’s health. We’ve shared with you some tips on how to wash your hair properly. Now, it’s time for us to show you how it’s done. Read on to learn how to wash hair the right way.


Wet your hair

Run your hair through cold or lukewarm water. Make sure all sections of your hair get washed.


Apply shampoo

Not sure which shampoo to use? We recommend TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo. It helps make your hair sleek and manageable. Plus, it helps combat frizz, leaving you with smooth and enviable hair. Massage your scalp while applying shampoo, concentrating on your roots.


Rinse and condition

Wash the shampoo off your strands. Then, follow up with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner. This will help maximize the effect of keratin and leave you with gorgeously sleek hair. Apply the conditioner evenly from mid-length down to the tips of your hair.


Rinse and apply serum

Again, run your hair through water to rinse off the conditioner. When rinsing, it’s better to use cold water to seal off your hair cuticles. Cold water also doesn’t dry out your strands and scalp.

When you’re done, pat your hair dry with a smooth towel or fabric. Then, apply TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops from mid-length down to the tips of your damp hair. This will make your hair easy to brush and style.


Blow dry your hair

Put your blow dryer on low to medium heat setting. Blow dry your hair while gently brushing it using a wide-tooth comb. When you encounter a tangle, don’t force your comb through it. You can finger-comb your strands first to get rid of the tangle before you go back to blow drying and brushing.


Brush your hair

After blow drying, use a round brush to smooth out hair and make it look neat. Now, you have clean and healthy-looking hair that’s ready for any hairstyle you want!

Now that you know the proper way to wash hair, you can start incorporating this method into your hair care routine. And if you’re guilty of some habits that damage your hair, now is the time to change those, too. Hair care doesn’t need to be tedious and expensive. Doing the basics the right way is enough.

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