How to Use a Hair Donut in 7 Easy Steps

Creating a bun hairstyle with a hair donut is fun, quick, and easy!

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Do you love creating bun hairstyles? If you do, you’ll love using a hair donut. It helps keep your bun in place and prevents it from unraveling. Whether you’re styling your hair to look presentable for a conference call or simply exploring new ways to style your hair, a hair donut can be a practical addition to your beauty arsenal. And it’s easy to use! Here’s how.

How to Make a Bun Using a Hair Donut


Start with clean, manageable hair

Wash your hair with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo to make it clean and easier to style. This shampoo also helps make your hair smell fresh and fragrant for hours.

how to create a bun with hair donut step 1

Tie your hair

Gather your hair on your crown and put it in a tight ponytail. 

Asian woman tying her long hair



Gently comb your hair to smoothen it and get rid of tangles. Detangle the tips of your hair first before you start combing from the base of your ponytail.

Asian woman combing her high ponytail

Put the hair donut

Pull the ponytail through the hole of your hair donut. Then, position your hair donut at the base of your ponytail.

how to create a bun with hair donut step 4

Create a bun

Wrap your hair around the hair donut to form a bun. Secure it with bobby pins.

Asian woman creating a bun hairstyle


Make sure your bun stays in place all day by spritzing it with TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray.

how to create a bun with hair donut step 6



Rock your bun

Now, you can work, exercise, do yoga, or simply chill out on the couch without your hair getting in the way. With a hair donut, you don’t need to restyle your hair in the middle of the day. 

Asian woman with a bun hairstyle smiling

Creating a pretty polished bun has never been this easy. You can even finish styling your hair in just five minutes. And once you’re done with your bun, you can jazz it up with hair accessories to make it more elegant or leave it as is if you’re gunning for a casual but chic look.