How to Use a Flat Iron on Your Hair Like Pro

Knowing how to use a flat iron can change your hair game! Read up and practice.

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Pin-straight, glossy hair goes well with any outfit and any occasion. The key is to keep hair sleek and frizz-free—something that can be a bit of a challenge in the humid weather. One of the essential flat iron uses is to make this job so much easier, but you have to do it right if you don’t want to end up with dry, damaged strands. Read on to learn how to use a flat iron like a pro!

Here’s How to Use a Flat Iron


Wash and care with keratin.

Start with clean and nourished hair. TRESemme’s Keratin Smooth Shampoo & TRESemme’s Keratin Smooth Conditioner helps calm frizz, making your hair smoother and more manageable. Use it regularly, even on days that you won’t use heat styling tools.

How to use a flat iron – Step 1

Brush your hair - make sure it's dry!

Your hair should be totally dry before you plug in your hair iron. Straightening your hair while it’s still wet can ruin your strands, making them rough, brittle, and dull. Once your tresses are completely dry, gently brush your hair beginning from the ends going up to the roots. Avoid yanking on tangles to prevent breakage.

How to use a flat iron: Asian woman brushing her long black wavy hair wearing a striped dress

Protect your strands.

Exposing your crowning glory to extremely high temperatures will inevitably result in some burnt strands. Minimize the damage by spritzing on TRESemme Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray for protection before heating up your iron.

How to use a flat iron – Step 3

Divide and conquer.

Divide your hair horizontally into two sections so you can iron the bottom part first. Use a clip to secure the upper section, and try to catch as many errant strands as possible.

How to use a flat iron – Step 4

Iron your hair.

Straighten a lock of your hair using your hair iron, starting from the roots of your hair to the ends. Repeat until you achieve the desired level of straightness before moving on to the next section of hair.

Editor’s tip on how to use a hair straightener: When you reach the crown of your head, flat iron your hair upwards. This will give your ‘do more volume.

How to use a flat iron – Step 5

Make it shine.

Put a pump of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Anti-Frizz Shine Serum on your palms and apply it to the mid going to the ends of your hair to make your locks sleek and shiny. It helps in achieving that clean and healthy glowing hair look.

How to use a flat iron – Step 6

Style it with something that's totally you.

Wear your smooth and sleek hairdo with your favorite outfit and accessories. Fashionably simple and classic hairstyles like this go well with basically anything so don’t be afraid to experiment!

How to use a flat iron – Step 7

Minimizing hair damage is the key to ironing your hair straight the right way. If you see steam billowing from your iron or hear your strands sizzling, your tresses might end up in worse shape than before. Your hair’s health should always be your top priority and prepping your hair beforehand with the right products can go a long way.

Sleek and Straight Hairstyles to Try

Now that you know how to use a flat iron, use this skill to create other gorgeous hairstyles. This versatility shows one of the main flat iron uses, as it serves as a tool for many different hairstyles. Here are some.

1. Sleek and Fierce Ponytail

Sleek tied hair: Asian woman with long black hair in high ponytail wearing a mustard-colored sleeveless dress
This hairstyle spells fierce, sexy, and ready to party! Credit: Natasha Estelle

Take a basic ponytail to the next level by putting it up high and making it pin-straight. Nothing else screams sexy and confident than a sleek and frizz-free ‘do. You can even wear this hairstyle from day to night!

2. Straight Blunt Bob

Blunt haircut: Woman on the street wearing white long-sleeved shirt with black short hair and bangs
Sleek, black hair and a blunt bob with bangs make for a high-fashioned look. Credit: Shutterstock

What is a blunt haircut’s biggest enemy? Flyaways. And if you have a blunt bob or lob, flyaways become even more obvious, ruining your hairstyle. Keep your blunt bob or lob in good shape by ironing it straight before leaving the house. Do the same if you have bangs. This way, you don’t have to worry about your hair having a life of its own.

3. Bobby Pin Hair Crown

Bobby pin hair crown: Asian woman with shoulder-length brown hair smiling
Pin-straight hair and a bobby pin hair crown make for a show-stopping hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

When creating a bobby pin hair crown, iron your hair first to get rid of frizz that may ruin your look. Your straight and shiny hair is also the perfect canvas for creating cute shapes using your bobby pins. Don’t forget to spritz heat protectant on your hair before straightening it.

These are just some of the many hairstyles you can create with a flat iron – one of the key flat iron uses. Be careful that you don’t damage your hair any further. Complete care for your hair before and after exposing to heat is key in knowing how to use a flat iron.