How to Style Textured Bowl Cut for Men Like A Real Oppa

Make this Korean haircut style for men hip and fresh by adding texture. Here's how.

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Asian man with short hair in textured bowl cut for men hairstyle and wearing eyeglasses and a white suit

Everyone’s all about the K-wave craze and admit it, you are too! The good news? There’s no need to be rock hard as the big boss or get great powers like a goblin to look as good as your Korean idols. With a few easy steps on how to style your textured bowl cut for men like a real oppa, you’ll be getting hundreds of finger hearts.

Steps in Creating a Textured Bowl Cut for Men


Start clean

A great look starts with a fresh scalp and hair. Wash your hair with a menthol anti-dandruff shampoo like the Clear Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to give your scalp that presko feel.

textured bowl cut for men: guy is showing the shampoo he will be using on his hair

Bye, tangles!

With a fine-tooth comb, gently comb your hair to get rid of tangles. This will also help you pre-dry your hair before the styling. 


textured bowl cut for men: guy is combing his hair to remove tangles

Blow dry hair

When you finally have zero tangles, blow dry your hair with a blow dryer while combing it with your fingers.


guy is holding a blow-dryer and pointing it to his hair

Brush in a C

Grab your round brush and roll your hair in C motion. Do this in every section of your hair to create layers and texture.


textured bowl cut for men: guy is using a brush and a blow-dryer on his hair

Put on putty

Put a small amount of TONI&GUY Mattyfying Putty for Men on your palms. Apply this to your hair by rubbing your palms together and finger-combing it through your locks. You can also pull some strands on your crown to create more volume and edge.



Guy is applying something on his hair

Oppa and out

All Korean hearts! Pair it with sleek specs and a pastel outfit and you’re all set for a K-crazed look.  

textured bowl cut for men: guy is wearing a jacket and is ready to head out

Easy with no sweat! In six simple steps on how to style textured bowl cut for men, you’re one hot oppa ready to steal stares and melt hearts.

Other K-Inspired Looks to Try

Here are more Korean hairstyle ideas you can cop now!

1. Modern quiff

Asian man with modern quiff for men wearing a jacket
Whip the modern quiff. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A modern quiff spells oppa all over its suave style. Subtle yet sleek, you can sport this look from your everyday grind to romantic nights.

2. Tousled hair

Haircuts for curly hair men:
Celebrate your natural curls with a tousled hairstyle for men.

If you have natural curls, don’t hide them! Instead, own and flaunt your curls defined and textured with a tousled hairstyle. You’ve got both the fluffy and the sexy right in the mix.

3. Medium length hair with deep side part

Caucasian man with a side part haircut wearing a jacket outdoors
Instantly change up your whole look with a deep side part. Credit:

You can also rock your grown out mane like a true oppa by styling it with a deep side part. That one simple detail can turn your ragged and shaggy look to charming and dapper.

4. Ash brown hair for men

Best hair color for men: Asian man with ash brown hair
Ash brown hair complements natural caramel-colored skin. Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

Another fun way to take the K-wave is to play with hair colors. Try ash brown for a refreshing change up!

Upping your style game doesn’t have to be so complicated. With these simple steps on how to style textured bowl cut for men and other hot oppa hairstyles, you’ll like a real heartthrob in a snap.