How to Style Short Hair: Simple Hairstyles You Can Try Every Day

Keep your hair from looking drab with this tutorial on how to style short hair.

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Even with short hair, you can style your hair in different ways. In fact, styling short hair is just as exciting as braiding or tying long hair. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to style short hair for everyday wear. These hairstyles are easy and practical, and you can wear them wherever you are, whether you’re staying home or going out. Ready? Here we go.

How To Style Short Hair: Twisted Half Ponytail

Half updos are great for short and medium-length hair. They’re also great for everyday wear. If you’re looking for a half updo for you bob or lob, try the twisted half ponytail. Here’s how to do it.


Prep your hair

We recommend using Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner to make your hair soft and bouncy. With these products, you can say goodbye to flat and limp hair.


how to style short hair: Girl is showing a bottle of shampoo

Gather your hair

Clip the upper section of your hair near your crown. Use a claw clip to secure your hair in place.

model's back view is seen as she is gathering her hair

Tie your hair

Take one section of hair from the left and right sides and tie them with clear elastics.

girl is tying two small sections of hair below the first one

Loop the hair inward

Invert the tied sections and flip them to create twists. Secure them in place.

how to style short hair: girl's back view is shown as she make a loop with her hair

Remove the jaw clip

Once you’ve unclipped the top section of your hair, tie it using an elastic.

Girl is showing how she ties her ponytail

Add volume

Pinch small sections of hair upward to make your hairstyle look fuller.

Woman with dark hair - back view


Maintain your hair’s shape with a little help from TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray.

Asian woman spraying hairspray on her hair

Pin it

Secure your hairstyle with bobby pins discreetly placed on your hair.

#Tip: To create a more polished look, make sure to hide the elastic by wrapping a small section of hair around it.

Woman using hair pins

All done!

How do you like your ‘do? Simple and timeless, this classic hairstyle effortlessly keeps your hair off your face and can be worn to casual and formal affairs alike.


Woman with a Twisted Half Ponytail

How to Style Short Hair: Messy Chignon

You can also put your short hair in an updo like the messy chignon hairstyle. Here’s how to easily create this ‘do.


Section your hair

Start with hair that you’ve curled using a curling iron. Then, divide your curled hair into left, right, and back sections. Use a duckbill clip to hold the left and right sections.

girl is showing her curly hair that is clipped with a duckbill clip

Create a low ponytail

Tie the back section with a clear elastic.

Model is showing how she ties her hair at the back for her hairstyle

Invert the hair

Create a small gap above the elastic, flip your ponytail, and insert the hair into this hole.

how to style short hair: girl is showing how to invert her hair to make a loop

Gather the right and left sections

Remove the clips. Then, gather the right and left sections of hair and tie them together with a clear elastic.

girl is showing another step of the hairstyle

Hide the tied sections

Hide the tied sections by inserting them into the loop.

Girl's hand is trying to hide the tied section of her hair

Create a low bun

Roll your hair upward to create your chignon hairstyle. Secure it with bobby pins.

#Tip: Gently pull the top section to add volume and create a messy effect.

Girl is using bobby pins to secure the hair


Keep your chignon in place by spritzing TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray all over your hair. Make sure to hold the bottle 10 cm away from your hair so the mist is distributed evenly.

how to style short hair: girl is spraying hairspray on her hair


Now, you’ve successfully put your short hair up. A messy chignon is great for casual days when you got nothing planned except for staying indoors. And because you only need bobby pins, elastics, and a few spritzes of hairspray, you can create this hairstyle any time you like.

girl looks back and smiles with her hairstyle

These two are just among the many hairstyles for short hair for women that you can try. Feel free to be creative and experimental with how you style your short hair, and most importantly, have fun with it. Share this tutorial with your friends so they, too, can try these hairstyles.

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