How to Style Men’s Long Hair: Easy-to-do Hairstyles To Wear Every Day

Don't know how to style men's long hair? Check out this tutorial to learn three different hairstyles.

Nowadays, there are more men who are sporting long hair. Whether you’re really planning to grow or hair or you’ve missed your regular salon appointment, having long hair can let you explore different hairstyles. And we’re here to help you out through this tutorial on how to style men’s long hair. Ready? Check out these easy hairstyles that you can easily do by yourself at home.

Ponytails are among the easiest hairstyles to do, and a low man ponytail is no exception. This simple but practical hairstyle can make you look neat and smart, whether you’re wearing a suit or a basic polo shirt. Here’s how to do it.


Shampoo your hair

Prep your hair by washing it with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. Its cool menthol ingredient refreshes your scalp to give you that presko feel. It also helps you beat dandruff so you wouldn’t have to worry about pesky white flakes ruining your look.


Apply hair putty

We want to achieve frizz-free hair for a sleek finish by putting enough hair putty. It lets you style your hair and gives it a nice texture. You can use VO5 Rough It Up Putty to give your hair some texture and hold for easier styling. 


Comb your hair

Maintain the center part while gathering your hair it into a bun. Then, tie with an elastic.


Fix your hair

For the final touch, smoothen out your hair to get rid of frizz. This will also make your hairstyle look neat and polished.



There you go! Now, you’re ready to show off your simple but stylish low man ponytail.


Wanna put your hair up, especially this summer? The man bun is perfect for you. Here are the easy steps on how get it done.


Gather your hair

It’s like creating a man ponytail but this time, you bring your hair on your crown.


Tie with an elastic

When tying your hair, don’t pull your hair completely through to make a bun. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a high man ponytail.


Rock your bun

And just like that, your man bun is done!

This hairstyle is the most unique and stylish of the three but is just as easy to do. It’s perfect for everyday wear and lets you flaunt the actual length of your hair.


Gather your hair

Divide your hair into two sections. Then, put the upper half section up on your crown to prepare for a half-up man bun.


Tie it

Get an elastic and insert the section of hair that you’ve gathered. And just like the man bun, don’t pull your hair through completely to create a half-up bun instead of a ponytail.



That didn’t even take five minutes to complete. Now, you know how to style men’s long hair.

Styling men’s long hair doesn’t have to be a battle. With the right products and basic hairstyling skills, you’ll get to pull off a nice hairstyle anytime.

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