How to Style Baby Bangs 100% Chic for a Night Out

Make your baby bangs banging with these simple steps on how to style baby bangs to chic realness!

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Asian woman with long wavy hair and baby bangs wearing a halter top smiling

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We’re here to stop you before you think your baby bangs could seem of little help to spice up your look for your romantic dinner or fun night with friends. With as tiny effort as your baby bangs, you could be rocking one hot look for a night to remember. Grab your brush and your flat iron because we’re diving deep to these easy steps on how to style baby bangs to achieve 100% chic realness.

Easy Steps on How to Style Baby Bangs


Wash and nourish

Before all the glam and fun, make sure your hair’s soft and shiny for the show. Nourish your locks with Dove Oxygen & Nourishment Shampoo and DOVE Oxygen & Nourishment Conditioner for a healthy volume boost.  


Asian woman smiling in a brick red top with her washed and nourished hair

Protect from heat

It really pays to take that extra mile of spritzing heat protectant on your hair before using styling tool. It acts as a shield that protects your hair from heat damage. Use a product that is trusted by hair experts like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray.


Asian woman spritzing heat protectant on her hair

Divide into sections

After ticking your box of hair protection, divide your hair into three sections: top, middle, and bottom. Use big hair clips to safely secure the top and middle sections.

How to style baby bangs: back of a woman diving her hair into three sections with cli

Roll and curl

Grab your curling iron and make waves starting at the bottom section of your hair. Roll your curling iron away from your face when curling one section at a time. 


Asian woman curling her hair with a curling iron

Comb your bangs

Comb your bangs using a fine-tooth comb. After doing so, lift them to the middle of your forehead. 


How to style baby bangs: Asian woman in a brick red top combing her bangs with a fine tooth comb

Iron in C

Get a flati iron and use it to iron your baby bangs in a C-motion to create body and extra oomph. 


How to style baby bangs: Asian woman ironing her baby bangs in a c-shape motion

Finish glossy

Seal your look by applying serum on your styled locks. Use TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops to make your smooth and frizz-free.


Asian woman applying serum on her hair

Out and about

Smile and pose because you’re all set for all kinds of fun ahead! Throw in a striking pair of earrings to add more edge to your hot new look. 

Asian woman tapping her baby bangs all styled for a night out

Easy peasy, isn’t it? With a few simple steps, you go from”baby bangs” to “she bangs” real quick, ready for a stylish and fun-filled night out.

New Style for Your Baby Bangs

If you’re in for more ways to flaunt your baby bangs, you’re in the right place. Get cues from these looks you can cop.

1. Sleek lob

Medium length haircuts with bangs: Closeup shot of a Russian woman with straight black lob and baby bangs wearing a denim jacket outdoors
Look like a model off duty with straight and sleek lob with baby bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

By chopping off a few inches of your hair, a sleek lob will give you a quick change. This look has chic, hip, and edgy all in the mix. Even on a regular day, you’ll be effortlessly serving hot looks.

2. Textured pixie

pixie cut with short bangs
Pair your pixie with baby bangs for a fashionably edgy look.

In for something edgier? Go for a textured pixie and totally slay in a classy way. But don’t get us wrong, this look can perfectly swing between French-chic to rock star, whichever suits your mood and style.

3. Dyed hair

woman in a red top with her copper hair with baby bangs
Make your baby bangs pop with bright colors like the copper shade. Credit: Shutterstock

New hair color will definitely take your baby bangs to new levels of chic. You can play with hues of brown and blonde, or go wild and bright with the vibrancy of reds and blues. Either way, your baby bangs will be copping a new attitude!

Ready for a new look? May it be with a little help from your styling tools or your stylist, or a big change with a pop of color, there are many ways on how to style baby bangs that will unleash your inner glam. So just go for it!

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