Easy Tips on How to Mix and Match Hair Clips Like A Pro

Gone are the days when you can only wear matching hair clips. Now, you can be as creative as you want with these hair accessories. Check out these tips on how to mix and match different hair clips and get ready to have fun with your hair!

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Asian woman showing how to mix and match different hair clips

It’s official: hair clips are the trendiest hair accessory of the year! And there’s no question about their popularity as wearing hair clips is one of the simplest ways to give your look that extra oomph. If you’re ready to join the club, check out these tricks on how to mix and match different hair clips.

How to Mix and Match Hair Clips

1. Match it with your outfit.

A woman wearing a ripped blue suit outdoors
Your hair clips can also serve as the jewelry perfect for your outfit. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have no idea how to mix and match different hair clips, take cues from your outfit. Going monochrome? Wear different clips with the same color. In a colorful ensemble? Make your clips match these colors, too!

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2. Play with colors.

A woman with long blonde hair adorned with different hair clips
When it comes to colors and prints, you can go all out! Credit: Shutterstock

Now, your hair clips don’t need to always match what you’re wearing. You can be playful with colors by exploring hues that complement each other to complete a quirky palette.

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3. Combine different shapes and textures.

A side profile of a woman with gold barrettes and pearl barrettes on her long hair
When going monochrome, playing with shapes and texture is a great way to spice things up. Credit: Shutterstock

Another fun way on how to mix and match hair clips is to wear clips with different shapes and textures. While variety is what we’re aiming for, keep a unifying element to create a cohesive look. Your clips can be in the same color or design like geometrical shapes or pearls.

4. Give your hair a good parting.

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman with long dark hair with hair clips wearing a dress outdoors
Let your cute hair clips be the cherry on top of a perfectly blow-dried hair.

Yes, the way you part your hair will also help you nail a perfect canvas for ur hair clips. A center part is a good starting point if you’re planning to wear clips on both sides of your hair. For asymmetrical hairstyles, a deep side part is great along with big statement clips.

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5. Make a statement.

A stylish woman wearing hair clips and sunglasses
You can use hair clips to make your hair a fashion statement. Credit: Shutterstock

As you put on your clips, you can also try to form different shapes and style them the way you want to. There are also hair clips with statement words and messages; wear one and your hair immediately delivers so much impact.

Simple yet fun, right? Just follow these pointers on how to mix and match hair clips and you’ll be acing your own hair trend game in no time!

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