How to Create a Crown Braid Hairstyle at Home

Want to put your hair up? Try the crown braid hairstyle! Learn how to create this 'do by checking out this tutorial.

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crown braid: girl looks beautiful in her hair and loose hair framing her face

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Hairstyling is a hobby that can be therapeutic. It is one way to be creative with your hair even when you’re staying at home. And if you love braids, you’ll enjoy creating this crown braid hairstyle.

Braids are perfect for summer. Whether you create a simple side braid or an elaborate hairstyle, you’ll definitely look fresh and feel presko. The crown braid is no exception. In fact, it is simple yet it adds oomph and a Greek goddess-like vibe to your summer look. Ready to try it? Read on t learn how to make this ‘do.

Crown Braid: A Tutorial on this Greek Goddess Look


Prep your hair

Always start with clean hair whenever you’re creating any hairstyle. If you often braid your hair, you might notice falling strands every time you take off your hair tie or unravel your braid. to reduce hairfall, use Dove Hairfall Rescue Shampoo and Dove Hairfall Rescue Conditioner to help make your hair more resistant to breakage.

crown braid: girl is holding up a bottle of shampoo

Part your hair

Create a center part and clip the front sections of your hair. These will frame your face once your crown braid is done.

crown braid: girl is sitting down and her hair is parted at the center

Extend the part

Divide the back sections into two vertical sections. The parting doesn’t need to be perfect as long as it’s in the middle.

Girl's back view is seen to show how her hair is parted at the back

Start braiding

Put the right section in a Dutch braid. Start on the area above your nape and braid your hair upward. Add more hair to the braid as you go along.

#Tip: Tilt your head forward so that you can create your crown braid more easily.

crown braid: the girl is braiding her hair from the nape area

Keep braiding

Continue making the Dutch braid even as it crosses over to the other side of your head. This is exactly how your crown braid will be formed.

crown braid: model is seen braiding her hair

Braid until the tips

Continue braiding your hair until you reach the tips, then secure it with an elastic band.

#Tip: To make your braid look thicker and more voluminous, pull the sides gently.

crown braid: Girl is shown braiding her hair which has already crossed to the other side of her head

Pin it

Put your crown braid up by pinning it to the rest of your hair using bobby pins.

Girl's back view is seen as model tucks her braid underneath the first braid

Secure the ends

Add more bobby pins to make sure that your crown braid is in place. Keep bobby pins discreet.

girl is seen securing her hair with bobby pins


Finish by spritzing TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. This spray has a humidity-resistant formula, so your braid stays up for a long time.

Crown Braid: Girl is spraying her hair with hairspray


Look at you, Greek goddess!

Girl is sitting down and her hand is on her chin

Summer is always perfect for braids and updos, and what better way to combine both than by creating a crown braid. You can even do this on second-day hair! Now, you can beat the heat in style with this ‘do.

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