How to Braid Short Hair: Two Hairstyles to Try Now

Learn how to braid short hair by checking out this tutorial.
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Wearing short hair is perfect for the summer season, especially since we live in a tropical country. We get to feel presko even if the temperatures are rising. But what keeps some Pinays from cutting their tresses is the fear of not being able to style their short hair, much less braid it! Don’t worry because we’re here to show you how to braid short hair. Check out this tutorial and learn that braided short hair is possible and easy!

This hairstyle is going to jazz up your short hair, even when you’re just staying at home. It’s simple and sweet. It’s also a practical hairstyle when you’re bangs are starting to grow and you want to keep your fringe from poking your eyes.


Prep your hair

Now that it’s summer, it’s important to pay close attention to your scalp, as the heat and humidity may cause dandruff. We recommend washing your hair with products that help beat these white flakes like CLEAR Complete Soft Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Cream Silk Dandruff-Free Hair Reborn Conditioner.


Divide a small section of hair

Gather some strands of hair near your hairline. Then, divide this section into three smaller parts.


Create a Dutch Braid

Cross the left section under the middle section, then, the right section under the new middle section. Secure with a clear elastic.


Add volume to your braid

Gently pull the sides of the braid to make it look thicker.


Lift the braid slightly

Insert the end of a tail comb to the braid and pull it up gently. This will make your braid look even fuller, especially if you have thin hair.

#Tip: Hide the elastic by tucking the end of the braid underneath the rest of your hair.


Pin it

Secure the braid with a bobby pin. For a more polished look, insert the bobby pin in an area where it can’t be seen.



To smooth out your braid and make it last longer, spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your hair.



Your simple braided short hair is complete! Do you love it? Because we do. We’re sure it looks good on you.

Feeling preppy? Then, go for this cute and easy-to-make double ponytail with braids. Nobody said grown-ups can’t wear a cute hairstyle like this. Go ahead and reminisce your schoolgirl days by learning how to braid short hair this way.


Divide your hair

Using a tail comb, part your hair into two vertical sections.


Clip the right section

This will separate the right section so you can work on the left section more easily.


Clip additional sections of hair

Get two small sections of hair from the front and clip them to keep them in place.


Tie the back section

Put the left section of hair at the back in a low pigtail using an elastic. 


Braid the front section

Unclip one front section, divide it into three smaller parts, and create a three-strand braid.


Secure the braid and pigtail

Wrap the braid around your pigtail elastic. Then, secure the braid with another elastic and a bobby pin.


Repeat the process

Do the same steps on the right side of your hair. 



You’ve learned another way to braid short hair. How nice! Go share this tutorial with your friends so they, too, can braid their bobs and lobs.

These two ways on how to braid short hair can help make hairstyling even more exciting. They also show that you can be creative with your hair—no matter the length—and wear any hairstyle you like. Have fun!


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