How to Add Volume to Your Hair in 4 Easy Ways

Having problems with limp and dull hair? Check out this latest tutorial to find out how to add volume to your hair so you can have a thicker-looking mane!

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How to add volume to hair: Asian woman with half updo

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Having thin hair is challenging, especially in terms of styling it. Though easier to maintain, it can lack luster and body, which are important to any hairstyle. Don’t worry if this is your problem because we will teach you how to add volume to your hair in four easy ways. Plus, we’ll let you in on the top products and tools to effectively volumize your hair in minutes.

How to Add Volume: Mousse, Wet Brush, and Hair Dryer

If you need more volume on your side bangs and top hair, then, this is the best way to do it. You’ll only need three things and you’re good to go.


Apply hair mousse

Give your hair a good amount VO5 Big Volume Mousse while it is still half-damp. Place it on your palms and rub them together before applying it on your hair. Make sure to spread it evenly by scrunching your hair.

how to add volume: girl is putting her top hair up

Brush your hair

Use a hairbrush to pull up your hair while blow-drying it. This gives your top hair body and keeps it from falling flat.

Asian girl is blow-drying her hair

Plumped up!

Enjoy your plumped up hair. It’s now fuller and more voluminous in just less than five minutes! You didn’t even need expensive tools and hair products. So now, you’re ready to head out and enjoy bouncier and full-bodied hair.

Asian girl is smiling with her new hairstyle

How to Add Volume: Big Velcro, Roller, and Hairspray

If you want to go heatless to keep your hair from getting dry-damaged, this is the answer.


Put on the Velcro rollers

Section your top hair and roll a Velcro roller backwards on each section to achieve the desired volume. Do the same on the hair on your sides and back until everything is rolled in Velcro rollers.

how to add volume: Girl is placing rollers on her hair


Make your hair more voluminous by spraying it with TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. It also keeps flyaway and frizz away.

Asian girl is spraying hairspray on her roller


Look perfect in your hair. These Velcro rollers have been around for many years and they curl your hair without using heat that can damage your strands. You can enjoy voluminous hair without worrying about damage.

how to add volume: Asian girl is smiling

How to Add Volume: Hair Crimpers

Need a little accent to your thin hair? Why not use hair crimpers and impress your friends?


Section and spritz

Gather the top hair near your crown and roll it around to create a bun. Keep it in place with a duckbill clip and spray the rest of your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray. It helps protect your hair from the heat of your hairstyling tools.

How to Add Volume: Asian girl is spraying flatiron smooth hairspray

Crimp your hair

Take a section of hair near your temple and press with the crimper for 5 seconds. Repeat the step on the other temple area’s hair.

How to Add Volume: Girl is clipping her hair with a crimper

All set

That was really simple and quick! With the crimper used very briefly, you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair. The crimps on your hair give it a nicer effect.

Asian girl looks fab in her hair

How to Add Volume: Backcombing

One of the easiest ways on how to add volume to your hair is by backcombing it.


Gather and tease

Take a section of hair on top of your head, directly behind your bangs, and tease it. 

How to Add Volume: Asian girl is teasing her hair

Clamp it

Comb your hair back and secure your hair above your crown with a claw clamp. 

Asian girl's back view is shown to reveal the clamp

Hello there, beautiful!

This was the easiest of the ways on how to add volume to your hair. You can easily style this hairstyle any way and accentuate it with pearly clips or a ribbon. However you style it, you’ll definitely love the volume of your hair.

Asian girl is facing sideways to show her hairstyle

You see? It was really easy to learn how to add volume to your hair. All you need are the right tools and the patience to style it and look beautiful.


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