Look Super Chic in Minutes with a Half Updo with Bun

A simple and sophisticated hairstyle does wonders for your look. Achieve it in minutes by creating the half updo with bun. 
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More often than not, long hair can be challenging to style on a daily basis. With so many styles out there, it can even be intimidating to get started. The good thing is that there are easy hairstyles that even beginners can achieve with the help of reliable products.

Step 1

Start strong

The foundation of any hairstyle is strong, healthy, and manageable hair. Wash and protect hair from damage with TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Shampoo. Then, follow it up with Cream Silk Hairfall Defense Conditioner to help reduce hairfall. 

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Step 2

Section your hair

Divide your hair into two horizontal sections and gather a portion of the upper part into a half bun. Use a hair tie to secure the half bun in place. Make sure to leave a tail or free strands from the half bun for the following step.

Half updo with bun: Back shot of an Asian woman with long dark hair tying her hair
Step 3

Braid it

Gathering the tail of your half bun, divide it into three sections and start weaving these into a three-strand braid. Then, secure the end with an elastic. 

Half updo with bun: Back shot of an Asian woman styling her long dark hair
Step 4

Coil it

Wrap the three-strand braid around the half bun and secure into place with bobby pins. You can use as many bobby pins as you need. 

Half updo with bun: Back shot of an Asian woman with long dark hair pinning her half updo
Step 5

Protect from heat

Spritz TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist on the lower section of your hair. The spray will protect your hair from heat damage caused by using a curling iron and other heated styling tools. 

Half updo with bun: Asian woman with styled long dark hair spraying heat protectant
Step 6

Create romantic waves

Take small sections from the lower part of your hair and start curling these from the middle to the tips.

#HairHack: Curling iron barrels can get piping hot. Use a heat glove to protect your hand from unnecessary burns. This way, you can also coil your hair more closely around the barrel.  

Half updo with bun: Back shot of an Asian woman with long dark hair in a half updo with bun
Step 7

All done!

Continue curling the remaining sections of hair until you achieve soft, bouncy waves. Voila! Your simple and chic look is complete.

Looking sophisticated shouldn’t be such a daunting styling task. With the half updo with bun hairstyle, it’s a double win. You get the elegance of a bun and the soft, playful, and feminine quality of dangling romantic waves. Try this look with big pearls or statement earrings and pair these with an off-shoulder top or dress to highlight your décolletage. 


Half updo with bun: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long dark hair in half updo wearing a green dress outdoors

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The result? Smooth and tangle-free hair that looks great, whether styled or not. Get Cream Silk Hairfall Defense Conditioner now!

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