Half Up Flower Fishtail Braid: Create This Hairstyle in Quick and Easy Steps

Loving your long hair? Well, when you have long, gorgeous locks, you’ll definitely find ways to flaunt it. You can put it up, tie it, braid it, or leave it down. And with the many varied options available for hairstyling, it is possible to have a new hairstyle every day. If you’re tired of your usual hairstyle or are in need of a new one to add to your list, then, we’ve got this half up flower fishtail braid which you and your hair will definitely love. Excited? Here’s how to do it.


Use the right shampoo for your hair needs

Never forget the first and most important step for hairstyling—washing your hair so it’s clean and healthy. If you’re dealing with hair fall, we highly recommend Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo which is great for reducing falling strands and strengthening weak and fragile hair. Styling can cause trauma to the roots but with this shampoo, paired with Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner, your hair can be more resilient.



Section your hair

Gather the upper half of your hair into a half up ponytail.


Tie Your Hair

Then, tie the half up ponytail with a clear elastic band.


Create two sections

Take the half up ponytail and divide it into two sections to prepare it for the half up flower fishtail braid.


Start braiding

Now, you can put this section into a fishtail braid.


Continue braiding

Braid until you reach the tip of this section of your hair. 



Tie the braid

Once done, get another clear elastic band and secure the braid with it.


Give Your Braid Some Volume

Your half up flower fishtail braid is almost ready. Give it some volume by pulling some sections of the braid gently.




Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your fishtail braid to keep it in place and to hold its shape for a longer time. 


Create a half up bun

Take the braid and roll it into a bun to create the flower in your half up flower fishtail braid.


Pin your bun

Keep the flower bun in place by placing bobby pins around it. Make sure to keep the bobby pins hidden from view.


Secure in place

Fix your flower bun and make sure everything looks great.



Your half up flower fishtail braid is now done! Enjoy and have a gorgeous hair day at school or at work with this hairstyle. You can also wear this half updo to daytime parties or when going on a low-key date with your special someone.

The half up flower fishtail braid just looks complicated but it is actually easy and simple and can be done in a few quick steps. Try it when you want to make your half updo more exciting, and don’t forget to use the right products to achieve the desired look. Have fun!

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