Hairstyle for Men: 3 Easy Everyday Looks for Pinoys

These hairstyles for men make everyday styling a breeze. Try them now!

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Asian man with a modern quiff hairstyle for men





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A hairstyle for men is often made using a small comb and a pomade or putty. You either comb your hair back or to the side. However, if you want to upgrade your look, feel free to experiment a little bit. There are a few tweaks you can add to your everyday routine so you can sport the best hairstyle for men for the day. Ready? Check out this tutorial of three easy looks!

Hairstyle for Men 1: The Modern Quiff

Whether you have short or medium-length hair for men, you can create the modern quiff. It’s an easy and casual look you can pull off every day.


Dry your hair

After washing your hair with a shampoo for men like Dove Men + Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo, pat your hair dry using a soft towel. Let your towel absorb the excess water from your hair.

Asian man patting his hair dry with a towel

Apply pomade

Scoop a small amount of Axe Ice Chill Pomade and apply it to your hair. The pomade will help keep your hair in place and make it look sleek. Finger-comb your hair backwards and make sure that the pomade is evenly distributed. 


Hairstyle for men: Asian man applying pomade to his hair


Keep on finger-combing your hair backwards until you get your desired look. This technique will also give your hair a bit of texture. Then, you’re all set!

Asian man with a modern quiff hairstyle for men

Hairstyle for Men 2: Textured Bowl Cut

Want a Korean look? This Asian hairstyle for men is your best. This works best for men with thick hair or men with medium-length hair because you have more strands to work with.


Comb your hair

Wash your hair first to make sure it is clean. While it is damp, comb your hair forward using a fine-tooth comb to prep it for styling.

Asian man combing his hair forward

Blow-dry your hair

Attach the nozzle to your blow dryer to better direct the airflow. Then, blow-dry your hair while finger-combing it forward.

Hairstyle for men: Asian man blow-drying his hair

Concentrate on the ends

Get a round brush and use it to brush the tips of your hair inwards as you blow-dry. Then, apply a little bit of putty at the tips to maintain the textured look.


Asian man blow-drying and brushing his hair

Rock the look!

This hairstyle for men can help tone down the formal vibe of a suit-and-tie ensemble. It’s also a great wait to look trendy but smart and dapper during conference calls or work meetings.

Hairstyle for men: Asian man with a textured bowl cut wearing eyeglasses and a light gray suit

Hairstyle for Men 3: Comb Over

The classic comb over has been a favorite hairstyle for men for decades. Men with hair that’s parted on the side or men with longer hair on top favor this hairstyle It also works if you have a long top and faded sides.


Blow-dry your hair

After washing your hair, blow-dry it while finger-combing it upwards. 

Asian man blow-drying his hair

Apply pomade

Take a small amount of Axe Ice Chill Pomade, put it on your palms, and rub your palms together. This will help you spread the pomade more easily on your hair.

Asian man rubbing his palms together

Comb to the side

Finger-comb your hair to apply the pomade. Then, get a fine-tooth comb and comb your hair to one side. The pomade will help make your hairstyle last longer.

Asian man combing is hair

All set!

This hairstyle for men never goes out of style. It also suits different occasions. You can wear this ‘do with your shirt-and-jeans combo or with your corporate attire. It’s a look you can wear from day to night.

Asian man with a comb over hairstyle for men

Which of the three is your favorite hairstyle for men? With this tutorial, you can nail any of them and look your best any day of the week. Enjoy!



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