French Braid into Sleek Ponytail: Cop This Hairstyle in 7 Easy Steps

It has everything you want in a hairstyle: chic, practical, and easy!

If you have long hair and you love doing the French braid, here’s a new way of wearing this ‘do. Meet the French braid into sleek ponytail hairstyle, a combination of the two most beloved hairstyles for long hair. It’s an easy and practical hairstyle that will keep your strands in place especially on a busy day. Excited to learn how to do it? Here’s how.


Prep your hair

Wash your hair with DOVE Straight and Silky Shampoo and DOVE Straight and Silky Conditioner to help make your hair smooth and manageable. These products also help fight frizz, thanks to its Micro Moisture Serum. This way, you can rock any sleek hairstyle you like.


Make it shine

Spritz TONI&GUY Finishing Shine Spray on your hair to make it smooth and shiny. Make sure to spray the product evenly on your hair.


Start braiding

To create a French braid, take a section of hair on top of your head. Then, divide it into three smaller sections. Cross the left section over the middle section, then the right over the middle section. Add more sections of hair as you progress through your braid.


Keep braiding

Continue with your French braid until you reach your nape. Don’t forget to add a few sections of hair along the way. When the braid has reached your nape, tie your hair with an elastic.


Hide your elastic

To make your hairstyle look more put together, take a small section of hair from your ponytail. Wrap this section around the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin.




To create a smoother and sleeker finish, spritz TONI&GUY Finishing Shine Spray once again when you’re done styling your hair.



Hello, sleek hairstyle!

Now, you can wear two of your favorite hairstyles at the same time. Go for the French braid into sleek ponytail hairstyle when you want to look neat and fresh on a hot day. You can also style your hair this way when you want a boost of confidence for that client pitch. Want a pretty but practical hairstyle for your yoga sessions? Try the French braid into sleek ponytail and look great while nailing your tree or warrior pose.

What can you say about the French braid into sleek ponytail hairstyle? Do you like it? Here are more hairstyles to try.

1. Fishtail French Braid

Fishtail French Braid-Step 10
Put two pretty braids together and you got yourself a super cool hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

In this hairstyle, instead of finishing when you’re done with your French braid, you continue and put the rest of your hair in a fishtail braid. This is a great way to spice up your corporate look while still looking polished and professional.

2. Side French Braid

Weekend hairstyles for touring around Manila: Woman with long hair in side French braid
This is another laidback hairstyle for when you just want to chill at the park with your special someone. Credit: Hariono Halim

To nail this look, start creating a French braid on one side of your hair and keep braiding diagonally to the other side. Easy, right? You can wear this as a daytime party hairstyle or when going for a romantic afternoon stroll at the park.

3. Side braid bun

Wedding hair braids: Asian woman with side braid bun
This chic updo simply takes 10 to 15 minutes to style. Easy, right? Credit: Hariono Halim

Creating the side braid bun involves the same steps as the side French braid. But instead of stopping when your braid is done, you create a bun and in it on one side. If you’re looking for an elegant updo to wear to weddings or fancy parties, well, you just found one!

4. Basic French Braid

Easy braids for long hair: Asian woman with long hair in French braid
You won’t look basic with a classic French braid. Credit: Hariono Halim

Of course, you can always go back to the simple but classic French braid. It may be a basic hairstyle, but your long hair won’t look plain when you make this your go-to hairstyle.

There you have it! You’ve learned how to create a French braid into sleek ponytail hairstyle and other French braid looks! We hope you love them. They are easy hairstyles that are all comfortable to wear—proving that you don’t have to be tiis ganda to look great.

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