Flipped-Out Short Bob Tutorial and Other Vintage Hairstyles

Want to look like the lovely and uber stylish women from decades ago? Start with your hair. Try the flipped-out short bob. Here's how to do it. 
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Did you browse through your mother’s old photo albums one lazy afternoon to pass time? If you did, you may have seen how different fashion and beauty trends were at that time. One trend is making a comeback though: the flipped-out short bob. Yes, that’s right. This hairstyle that was popular back in the 1960s is saying hello once again. Fans of this ‘do can once again enjoy it, and those who weren’t born yet when the flipped-out short bob was hot can try it. Just follow these instructions to create this vintage hairstyle.

Step 1

Wash your hair

Keep your hair from looking flat and limp by washing it with DOVE Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo. It can help boost your hair’s natural volume by up to 95 percent. Afterwards, use TRESemmé Detox and Nourish Conditioner to give your hair the nutrients it needs to stay beautiful and healthy.


Flipped-out short bob: Asian woman with short black hair wearing a yellow dress against a blue background
Step 2

Part on the side

Use a tail comb to create a straight, side part. Make sure that your hair part is well-defined.

Flipped-out short bob: Asian woman parting her short black hair using a tail comb against a blue background
Step 3

Clip it

Divide your hair into two vertical sections. Clip one section as you work on the other one.

Flipped-out short bob: Asian woman clipping her short black hair against a blue background
Step 4

Apply mousse

Put a dollop of TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse on your palms and apply it evenly from mid-length up to the tips of your hair. The mousse will give your hair body. Distribute the product evenly throughout your hair.


Flipped-out short bob: Asian woman with short black hair wearing a yellow dress pouring hair mousse on her hand
Step 5

Dry your hair

Get a round brush. Then, blow dry your hair while you brush it and roll the ends outwards. Repeat until all the sections of your hair have been styled this way.

Flipped-out short bob: Asian woman blow drying her short black hair against a blue background
Step 6

Make it last

Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your hair to help make your hairstyle last long. Spray it on the flipped out ends and use your index finger and thumb to define the shape.


Flipped-out short bob: Asian woman spritzing hairspray to her short black hair against a blue background
Step 7


If you’re looking for new ways on how to wear your hair, this hairstyle is the answer. The flipped-out short bob is not just for themed parties. You can sport this classic ‘do at work, too. You can even enhance this hairstyle by wearing a colorful headband or trendy hairclips.

Wear this hairstyle along with a dress to go full-on vintage, but if you want a more updated vibe, complement it with an off-shoulder top and denim jeans. The mix of old and new will definitely add pizzazz to your whole look.

Flipped-out short bob: Asian woman with short black hair wearing a yellow dress outdoors

1. Pin-up hair

Pin up hair: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with pin up hair singing with fairy lights in the background
Don’t have a big bow? Tie a scarf bow-style around your head to nail this hairstyle.

Travel to decades back with your long hair by putting it in a pin-up hairstyle. You can wear this ‘do at parties—themed or not—for a festive and unique look.

2. Vintage ponytail retro hairstyle

Vintage ponytail: Side view shot of an Asian woman with long dark hair in a vintage ponytail standing in an outdoor restaurand
Put a retro touch to your regular ponytail. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Fond of ponytails? Add a retro twist by giving some volume to the section near your crown. Finish with a low, sleek ponytail that can let you slay even on an ordinary day.

3. Victory rolls

Asian woman with long rockabilly hair in victory rolls
Complement your victory rolls with a red lipstick to nail that retro vibe.

Be more expressive with your retro look by creating victory rolls. It’s quirky and fun and definitely makes you stand out!

So, are you ready to go flippin’? Try the flipped-out short bob, an old but classic hairstyle. Experiment with other vintage hairstyles as well and create your very own timeless look. Enjoy!

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