How to Make a Fishtail French Braid at Home

What's better than having a single braid? Having two braid styles in a nice and neat hairdo like the fishtail French braid!

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Braids are perfect hairstyles for working from home. They keep hair off your face and neck while making you look professional. And if you’re looking for a new braid to try, go for the fishtail French braid. It’s easy, chic, and gets you ready for video conferencing. Read on to learn how to make a fishtail French braid.

Steps in Creating a Fishtail French Braid


Prep hair

Wash your hair with TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo & TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Conditioner to keep it clean and nourished. This duo is specially designed to replenish your hair’s lost nutrients.

Fishtail French Braid-Step 1

Untangle Hair

Let your hair dry naturally. Then, comb it gently to remove tangles. Start detangling the tips of your hair before you go up and comb from your roots.

Fishtail French Braid-Step 2

Divide and conquer

If you want to add texture to your hair, spritz hairspray on it once it has dried. Then, gather a section of hair near your crown and divide it into three equal sections. 

Fishtail French Braid-Step 4

Create a French braid

Start making a French braid by crossing the left section over the middle section and the right over the new middle section.

Asian woman starting to braid her long black hair wearing a white blouse

Keep braiding

Continue braiding your hair, adding more hair to your French braid as you go along.

Fishtail French Braid-Step 6

Switch to fishtail braid

Once your braid reaches your nape, switch to a fishtail braid and continue braiding until the tips.

Asian woman putting her long black hair in fishtail French braid wearing a white blouse and black skirt

Secure with an elastic

Tie the tips of your fishtail French braid with an elastic.

Fishtail French braid: Asian woman tying her long black hair in fishtail French braid wearing a white blouse and black skirt


Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray all over your hair to make your fishtail French braid last for hours.

#Hairhack: After spraying a generous amount of hairspray, pull the sections of your braid gently to make your hair look fuller and thicker.

Step 9


Now, you’re ready for your video conference. And even if you don’t have any virtual meetings for the day, this hairstyle definitely puts you in an “I’m at work” mindset. Complement your fishtail French braid with an equally smart outfit, and have a productive day!

Step 10

How do you like the fishtail French braid? It’s easy yet it upgrades a basic braided hairstyle. Let this be one of your go-to looks when you need to look stylish and professional at the same time.






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