Face framing lace braid: An easy way to glam up on weekends

Have you heard of the face framing lace braid? It's an easy hairstyle that can jazz up a simple look. Read on to find out how to create one.

Want to style small sections of your hair while showing off the rest of your mane? Half updos immediately come to mind. They keep hair from your face as the rest of your hair cascades down your shoulders and back. You can also go for a hairstyle that highlights your face and showcases your hair at the same time. A face framing lace braid does this perfectly. Don’t know how to do it? Read on to learn how.


Start with healthy hair

Always maintain your hair and keep it damage-free. Wash your hair with TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Shampoo and TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Conditioner to help repair damage and restore your hair’s beauty.



Go left

Part your hair on the left side of your head. Using a tail comb, create a straight part from your hairline backwards.


Stay put

Clip the section of your hair that you are going to braid. This will help keep the rest of your hair from interfering as you braid your hair. The clip also helps you mark the spot where you will start braiding.


Start braiding

Take an inch-wide section of hair from the clipped part, then divide this into three equal sections. Then start creating a French braid. Add more hair as your braid progresses to the right side.


Just keep braiding

Continue braiding until you reach the tips. Then, secure the braid with an elastic.


Protect hair

Now, it’s time to style the rest of your hair. Spritz TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray on your hair first to protect it from heat.



Curl it

Using a curling iron with a big barrel, make the rest of your hair wavy. Wrap a section of hair at a time around the curling iron and clamp for three to five seconds to create soft waves. Repeat until all sections of your hair have been curled.



To add volume and bounce to your hair, scrunch or finger-comb it. This will also put your waves in place.



Now, you have a braid that frames your pretty face. This hairstyle is perfect when going out with your girl friends on weekends. Match this laidback hairstyle with a casual outfit, like a combo of polo, shorts, and your favorite sneakers. The face framing lace braid also suits occasions when you need to dress up a bit, like Sunday family lunches or merienda cena parties.

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Easy, right? Let the face framing lace braid be your go-to hairstyle when you want to look dainty and chic but not overly sweet.

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