Easy Hairstyles for Women: 4 Looks for Filipinas with Long Hair

Check out these four easy hairstyles for women so you can look chic each day of the week! 

With the wide range of options and ways that you can style long hair, it can get quite overwhelming to decide which one to go for. Of course, you’ll also have to consider how much time you have on your hands to actually style your hair. But the good news is, we’ve already done the research on some of the prettiest ways you can style your long hair. They are so easy to do, you’ll want to try them right away! So without further ado, here are four easy hairstyles for women that you can wear from day to night.

Tired of the usual ponytail? Inject some flair into your look with this fun variation of the classic hairstyle. The rope braid ponytail adds a (literal) twist to your hair by tying it rope-style. This is perfect from lazy days to date nights and everything in between.


Tie your hair

To start, put your hair into a high ponytail and tie it up with an elastic or a hair tie.




Use a dependable hairspray like TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on the ponytail to make the braid last longer and to prevent loose strands.



Then divide your ponytail into two sections and start twisting them together to create a rope-like pattern.


Secure your rope braid

Continue twisting until you reach the end of the ponytail. Simply secure the rope braid with an elastic and you’re done!


You're done!

You’ve completed your braids and are now ready to go out and rock your hairstyle!

Another easy hairstyle for women that you can try is the messy bun—but this time, it’s made more fun with hair accessories. The great thing about this hairstyle is how you can instantly play up your look simply by switching accessories to transform this classic hairstyle into a more trendy one!



To start, use a reliable hairspray on your hair to give it hold and texture before putting it in a bun.


Make a bun

Create a high ponytail and then proceed to twist it and wrap it around its base to make a bun. Use bobby pins to secure it.


Add accessories

Now for the fun part, simply add accessories like cute hairpins and embellished hair ties to make your hairstyle more fun and stylish.


You're ready to go!

That was really quick! Now, you’re ready to turn heads!

Looking for a way to upgrade the low pony hairstyle? This side knot braid is an ideal ‘do to go for, especially for those with really long and strong hair. All you need is three steps to get it done, giving you a look that you can wear anywhere.



After brushing and detangling your hair, put it all on one side. Then, spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your hair to give it a stronger hold for the knots.


Section hair

Divide your long hair into two vertical sections.


Make knots

Style your hair by putting it in a knot. Then, repeat the knot once more.


Tie the ends

Secure the end of your side knot hairstyle with an elastic. 


It's done!

You have just completed the steps. 

Ready to take it to the next level? Easily combine two hairstyles together for a major upgrade, especially if you’re looking to DIY a more formal look. The braids and tucked in ponytail hairstyle is sophisticated yet not overdone. You can wear it to parties and special events along with your favorite dress.


Tie sections of hair

To start, take a section of hair from both sides of your face then gather them at the back of your hair and tie using an elastic.


Do it again

Simply repeat the same process to the lower sections of your hair.


Form twists

Insert the second part of your hair into the first part of your hair tie until it looks like a twist.


Make a low ponytail

Then, tie the rest of your hair into a low ponytail and add hair accessories as you please. You can also use a hair tie with a bow to make your hairstyle cute. 



To keep your hairstyle in place and free from flyaways, just spritz some hairspray all over and gently pat your hair using your hands.



Enjoy flaunting your easy hairstyle!

And there you go! You can definitely create these easy hairstyles for women by yourself. This just shows that stylish hair doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can definitely create stunning hairstyles by yourself!

It does help if you keep your mane properly well taken care of by using the right hair products from washing to prepping to styling and maintenance. Here are the best shampoo for long hair to keep your mane beautiful and healthy.

1. Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo

Make your hair stronger as it grows by using Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo regularly. It has Biotin to help fortify your strands and aloe vera to help nourish your hair.

2. Dove Intense Repair 1 Minute Serum Shampoo

Frequent styling can damage your hair, especially if you often for tight hairstyles like braids and high ponytails. Repair damaged hair with Dove Intense Repair 1 Minute Serum Shampoo. Its keratin-infused serum capsules deeply penetrate your hair and repair it from within. It also nourishes your hair deeply, leaving you with beautiful, recovered strands in just one minute.

3. Sunsilk Naturals Sakura & Raspberry Radiance Shampoo

Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair! Use Sunsilk Naturals Sakura & Raspberry Radiance Shampoo to gently purify your hair and help bring out its natural shine, leaving it fresh and radiant.

4. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Get sleek and smooth hair by washing it with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo regularly. It gives your hair the five benefits of keratin in one wash: calms frizz, detangles, adds shine, makes hair smooth, and tames flyaways. It leaves you with salon-quality, beautiful hair that’s easy to style.


5. Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt & Bergamot Deep Restore Shampoo

This eco-friendly shampoo is infused with Bali sea salt that gently cleanses your hair, keeping it balanced and healthy. Use Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt & Bergamot Deep Restore Shampoo every day to get cleansed and nourished hair that’s ready for any hairstyle.

Happy hairstyling!

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