Double rope braid ponytail: Master the art of creating this hairstyle

Do you find three- and four-strand braids too intricate? Learn how to make the double rope braid ponytail. It's easy but it's just as chic as other types of braids.

Braided ponytails make for a chic and practical hairstyle. You can wear a braided ponytail when exercising at the gym, doing yoga, or commuting to work or school on a hot, humid day. If you want to reinvent this ‘do, try the double rope braid ponytail. Read on to learn how you can literally put a twist to your beloved braided ponytail.


Start with healthy hair

Make your hair smooth, soft, and strong. Wash it regularly with DOVE Hairfall Rescue Shampoo and DOVE Hairfall Rescue Conditioner.



Tie hair

Brush your hair to smooth out tangles. Then gather your hair at your nape and put it in a low ponytail. Tie your hair with an elastic.


Spray away

Get rid of frizz and add grip to your hair by spritzing TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairpspray on your low ponytail.


Hide your elastic

Take a small section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your elastic. Spritz hairsprai on this small section to keep it frizz-free. Then, secure with a bobby pin. Your hairstyle looks more sleek and chic if you hide your elastic.


Section your hair

Divide your hair into two equal sections. Clip one section so it won’t interfere with the other section while styling.


Divide and twist

Divide one section further into two smaller sections. Using your index fingers, twist both of the smaller sections until you reach the tips. Then, when you’re done twisting, intertwine both sections up to the tips. Secure with an elastic.



Remove the other section of your ponytail from the clip. Do the same steps on this section—from the twisting to the intertwining. Again, secure the tips with an elastic.


Two become one

Now that you’re done creating two rope braids, put them together by intertwining them clockwise. 



Secure your braid

When you’re done with your braid, tie the ends with an elastic. To make sure your rope braid won’t unravel, you can insert bobby pins into the braid to secure it.



If you’re having difficulty creating a three-strand braid, this double rope braid ponytail is the solution. Look extra pretty even on a regular day with this hairstyle. You can wear it to the supermarket and look stylish while doing your weekly grocery shopping. You can also make this your college ‘do and walk through your school hallways with confidence. Yes, the double rope braid is different from your regular braid but it’s just as chic and fun to do.


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Try the double rope braid ponytail now. Watch how simple twisting and intertwining can produce a hairstyle that’s worth copying.

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