How to Make a Double Rope Braid Ponytail at Home

Do you find three- and four-strand braids too intricate? Learn how to make the double rope braid ponytail. It's easy but it's just as chic as other types of braids.

Braided ponytails are chic, go-to hairstyles for just about any type of day. Its clean finish keeps hair off your neck and face, making it one of the ideal ‘dos for work, commuting, yoga, and exercising at the gym or at home. Why not reinvent this classic hairstyle and give it an upgraded twist by making the double rope braid ponytail? Enjoy the same cool feeling while looking more fabulous. Read on and learn the art of creating this hairstyle.


Start with healthy hair

Wash your hair with Dove Hairfall Rescue Shampoo and Dove Hairfall Rescue Conditioner to make it soft, smooth, and easy to style. This duo effectively nourishes your hair to strengthen the strands and prevent hair fall.


Make a ponytail

Detangle your hair by using a hairbrush and gather it on your nape to make a low ponytail. Then, tie it with an elastic.



Spray TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your hair to keep frizz and flyaways at bay and to add grip to your hair.


Wrap the elastic

Hide your elastic by taking a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrapping this around the elastic for a sleeker look. Secure with bobby pins and spritz hairspray on this portion to keep it frizz-free and smooth.


Divide and clip

Part your hair into two equal sections. Clip one section so it won’t interfere with the other section while styling.


Divide and twist

Take the unclipped section and divide this further into two equal parts. Twist each part up to the tips using your index fingers, then, intertwine them. Once you reach the tips, tie them together with an elastic.



Unclip the other section of the ponytail and repeat the previous step. After twisting and intertwining, tie with an elastic.


Make 'em one

Hold the two intertwined sections and twist them together in a clockwise direction. Your double rope braid ponytail is almost done.


Secure your braid

Tie the braids together with an elastic to secure it in place. You can insert bobby pins to ensure your rope braid doesn’t unravel in the middle of your workout.



How easy was that? This double rope braid ponytail is perfect if you are not too skilled at braiding your own hair. Plus, it looks as sophisticated but without the extra work. Now, you’re ready to take a stroll and enjoy your day or work from home and be video call-ready all the time.

Now, try this double rope braid ponytail and look neat, chic, and feel presko all throughout the day. Have fun styling your hair!

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