Stay cool with a curly ponytail

Look cool with a curly ponytail! Here’s how you can recreate this awesome hairstyle, follow the tutorial below.

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You just got yourself a new toy, your very own curling iron. Finally, your favorite department store has the brand and type you have been wanting and can’t wait to play with it as soon as you get home.

Now, what to do first, something simple, fast, will not take a lot of time as there’s more to do with your other finds like the heat protectant spray you’ve been aching to try on your mane.  Don’t give it any more thought, follow these steps to create yourself a simple ‘do that will take no time at all but will also let you test out the latest addition to your hairdo arsenal. Hitting two birds with one stone as they say.

How to do the curly ponytail


Clean hair

Wash hair with a shampoo & conditioner that keeps scalp feeling fresh while giving your hair more volume, like Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner. After all that running around at the store it would be good to start out feeling fresh and your scalp squeaky clean.

curly ponytail - 1 Clean hair


Spritz TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray to your half dry hair to protect against heat damage. This is something you need to shield your hair while you enjoy what your styling tools can do for you.

Curly ponytail - 2 protect

Blow dry

Blow dry your hair using a hair dryer and paddle brush. Let’s make sure your hair is dry and tangle free so there wouldn’t be snags when you start curling your hair.

Curly ponytail - 3 Blow dry


Take a section of your hair and wrap it to the barrel of your curling wand.  Here we go. Start curling from the ends of your hair and roll it up. Be careful, don’t let it hit your face or any skin as it may give you a painful burn.

Curly ponytail - 4 Curl


Curl all of your hair and loosen the curl with your fingers. Repeat all over your hair. Make sure to loosen the curls with your fingers so the heat may be shaken out of it to let it breathe out. Just in case you’re rolling it too hot.

Curly ponytail - 5 Loosen


Smoothen your hair, then gather into a ponytail and secure with a hairband. Almost done. Isn’t it pretty, all curly?

Curly ponytail - 6 Ponytail



To hide your hair tie, take a small section of your ponytail, then spritz with water to make hair more manageable.

Curly ponytail - 7 Spritz


Wrap the small section of hair around the hair tie then secure with pins.  Do this step to make your ‘do look well put and quite neat.

Curly ponytail - 8 Secure


Tease your hair a little bit to add a natural volume to your ponytail. Do this in order to make it look fluffy and poufy. It will let all the curls out.

Curly ponytail - 9 Volume


Pair it up with your accessories. Your curly ponytail is the perfect ‘do to keep up with your cool style. Casual or artsy, formal or romantic, you’re sure to paint the town red with this look.


Curly ponytail - 10 Style

A simple hairstyle that allowed you play with your new toy and try that hair protectant as well.   Practice a few more times and you’ll master the best way to use your curling wand and be able to manipulate your hair to a style that you want it to look on demand. Be careful not to touch the hot wand with your hands or face to avoid burning your skin.

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