Chic Boxer Braid: Work Out in Style With This ‘Do

If you're looking for a hairstyle that can keep up with your active lifestyle but cute enough to show your personality, a chic boxer braid is ideal for you! Check out this easy guide on how you can do this for yourself.  

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How to create a chic boxer braid: 5 easy steps



You probably have fond memories of your mom braiding your hair when you were a kid getting ready for school. Indeed, your mom knows best; she knew that you wouldn’t be able to fix your hair in between classes. She also knew that you’d be playing with your friends at the playground while you wait for your sundo. Braids are practical hairstyles back then, and they still are even now. In fact, if you’re into sports or if you work out, a chic boxer braid is perfect for you. Don’t know how to do it? Let this tutorial teach you.

Create a chic boxer braid in six easy steps


Wash hair

Take care of your hair, and one way to do that is to wash with shampoo and conditioner that keep it smooth and frizz-free. Use TRESEmmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and TRESEmmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner to have gorgeous locks every day. These products can also be used on chemically-treated hair.

How to create a chic boxer braid step 1: Wash hair

Find your center

Towel dry your hair and then part it on the center from your hairline down to your nape. You can use the tail of a comb create a center part. 


How to create a chic boxer braid step 2; Part hair


To keep hair free from frizz, spray TRESEmmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray onto your palms and scrunch through your hair before braiding.

How to make a boxer braid: Apply hairspray on your palms and scrunch through hair

Braid it

Create a Dutch braid on one side. Start braiding from your hairline. The braid from your hairline to your nape should be close to your scalp. Continue braiding until you reach the tips of your hair. Secure your braid with an elastic. Do the same on the other side.

How to create a chic boxer braid step 3: Start braiding

Loosen up

Pull the sides of your braids gently to loosen them up and add a bit of volume.  Be gentle so your braids won’t disintegrate.

How to create a chic boxer braid step 4: Loosen up

All ready!

You’re done! With the year-round heat and humidity in our country, a chic boxer braid is an excellent hairstyle choice. It keeps hair off your face and neck, so it is perfect for when you need to engage in physical activities.

You can wear this ‘do when working out at the gym or going for a run around your neighborhood. It is also great for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, trekking, or even just walking your dog. When you have a busy day ahead, you can also put your hair in a boxer braid in the morning so you don’t have to stop for touchups.

How to create a chic boxer braid step 5: All done

More Boxer Braid Hairstyles to Try

1. Messy two braids hairstyle

Summer Sale: Asian woman with long dark hair in messy two braids hairstyle smiling
Put your long hair in a messy two braids hairstyle to look fresh and feel presko.

The messy two braids hairstyle gives you a chic and relaxed ‘do. You can wear it together with your favorite casual dress. This hairstyle can also make you feel presko on a hot and humid day.

2. Double Dutch braid bun

Closeup shot of an Asian woman with black hair in Double Dutch braid bun
Double braid and double bun? What an exciting hairstyle!

If you want to keep your all strands in place all day long, the double Dutch braid bun is perfect for you. After creating your boxer braid, just create two buns with both of your braids and pin them in place. The double Dutch braid bun also suits daytime parties especially when these are held outdoors.

3. Twin fishtail braid

Summer braid: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with medium-length dark hair in two braids smiling outdoors
Even medium-length hair can be braided. Try the twin fishtail braid.

Want to take a break from double Dutch braids? Try the twin fishtail braid. It still gives you the same chic vibe. The twin fishtail braid is versatile, too. You can wear it when doing light workouts like yoga and when going out with your friends for coffee or a movie.

Aren’t braids exciting? Now, you can add the chic boxer braid to your list of favorite hairstyles. Share this tutorial with your friends, and you can all have the same ‘do the next time you run together.

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