How to Make a Bun With Loose Curls at Home

In the mood to glam up? Put your hair in a bun with loose curls. Here are the easy steps on how to create this hairstyle.
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Putting your hair in an updo doesn’t need to be reserved only for special occasions. If you want to glam up a little and try a new hairstyle, why don’t try making a bun with loose curls? It’s elegant and relaxed at the same time. Ready? Here’s how to do it.

Step 1

Prep your hair

The best hairstyles begin with a good wash. Choose a shampoo that helps make your hair look thicker like Dove Nourishing Secrets Thickening Ritual Shampoo. Follow it up with Dove Nourishing Secrets Thickening Ritual Conditioner for best results.

buns with loose curls: Girl is showing her bottle of shampoo
Step 2

Split and secure

Divide your hair into two horizontal sections and clip the top section.

girl is showing how to clip her top section of hair
Step 3

Tie your hair

Put the bottom section of your hair into a low ponytail using a clear elastic. Leave some strands loose.

buns with loose curls: girl's back view is show as she leaves loose strands of hair
Step 4

Twist and spray

Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your low ponytail while twisting it to keep all strands in place.

buns with loose curls: girl's back view is seen while she's spraying hairspray on her hair
Step 5

Create a bun

Roll the ponytail sideways to form a bun. Secure it with bobby pins.

buns and loose curls: girl is making a bun with her ponytail
Step 6

Work on the upper section

Remove the clip on the upper section of your hair. Tie this section with a clear elastic, leaving some strands loose.

buns and loose curls: girl's hands are seen tying the top section into a ponytail
Step 7

Add volume

Gently pull some sections of your hair to give more volume to your bun with loose curls. Then, spritz hairspray while twisting your ponytail to keep all strands in.


Back view of model shows her pulling the top sections of hair to give it more volume
Step 8

Form another bun

Roll the top section of the ponytail sideways to create another bun and secure with bobby pins.

Girl is holding her top bun and is about to place a bobby pin in it
Step 9

Curl your hair

Get a curling iron and wrap one loose section at a time around the barrel. Curl it away from your face. Continue until you finish curling all loose sections of your hair.

buns and loose curls: girl is curling the loose strands of her hair
Step 10


As a final touch, spritz hairspray all over your bun with loose curls to make your hairstyle last long.

buns with loose curls: girl is spraying on some hairspray.
Step 11


Look in the mirror and see the elegant hairstyle you’ve just created. And it didn’t take more than 15 minutes! Why don’t you wear a bun with loose curls when you’re having a romantic date at home? You’ll definitely look stunning. 

Asian woman with bun with loose curls hairstyle wearing a red dress


Buns are very versatile, and there are several ways on how to style them. Check out these bun hairstyles that you can also experiment with.

1. Bridal Banana Bun

bun and loose curls: Girl is looking out the window and slightly touching her hair
Jazz up this ‘do with an elegant hairpiece. Credit: Dennie Ramon

If you want to incorporate stylish hair accessories in your bun hairstyle, then this ‘do is for you. It’s perfect for medium-length hair and is simple yet super elegant.

2. Double Braids and Low Bun

back view of model is seen to reveal the braids and buns on her hair
Look fun and quirky with this bun hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Why stick with one bun when you can make two? Add braids to the picture, and you got a playful hairstyle. You can wear this while working from home to add a fun twist to your everyday look.

3. Side Bun

bun and loose curls: girl is facing sideways to give us a good look of her hair
Get the vintage look with just a simple low bun. Credit: Natasha Estelle

With just a few twists and several bobby pins, you can create this side bun hairstyle. The rolled hair even gives you an instant classic look!

4. Side Messy Bun for Medium Hair

bun and loose curls: Model is facing at an angle to see her side bun
Let some loose strands frame your face. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Just like the bun with loose curls, this messy side bun also has loose strands that frame your face. And if you have layered hair, you can pull off this look effortlessly.

5. Sleek Low Bun with Middle Part

bun and loose curls: beautiful Asian girl looks at the camera at an angle
You can part your hair in the middle or on the side for this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Look smart and professional with a classic low bun hairstyle. This can help make you look sharp when you have a conference call with your client or boss.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get those styling tools now and practice making these bun hairstyles at home!

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