Simple but chic: The braided updo

All Things Hair Team | 09 August 2018
Learn how to make the braided updo
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Put a twist to your usual bun hairstyles with this braided updo. Read on to learn how to create this hairstyle.

Updos are the go-to hairstyles for weddings, proms, and formal events. These hairstyles look sleek and polished, not to mention pretty. If you want to be different, though, you might want to try the braided updo. It’s dainty, unique, and easy to do. Learn how to make the braided updo so you can add it to your list of hairstyle possibilities for when you get invited to a special event.

Create a lovely braided updo in seven easy steps

How to create a braided updo step 1: Wash hair

Start with healthy hair

Do you style your hair frequently? Wash with shampoo and conditioner that can help replenish nutrients that were lost due when hair is subjected to stress.

How to make a braided updo step 2: Clip hair.

Clip it

Separate hair into upper and lower sections. Gather the upper half, make a bun, and clip it.

How to make a braided updo: Braid the lower section of your hair

Braid it

Braid the lower section of your hair. Just do a basic braid. Divide hair into three sections. Cross the left section over the middle, and then cross the right section over the left, and so on until you reach the tips of your hair. Secure with an elastic. Gently pull your braid at the sides to make them wider.

How to make a pony braid step 4: Braid the upper section of your hair.


Braid the upper section of your hair. Repeat what you did to your first braid. You can also use the tip of a fine-toothed comb to gently pull your braids and add volume.


How to make a braided updo step 5: Make a bun

Make a bun

Put your bottom braid into a bun by rolling your braid inward. Secure it at your nape using bobby pins.

How to make a braided updo step 6: Wrap the second braid around the bun

Wrap it

Now, fold your upper braid inward, wrapping the bun in the process. Secure with bobby pins, then spritz hairspray to hold the hairstyle.


How to make a braided updo step 7: Get dressed and look elegant

Look elegant

Now, go get your dress and your beloved pair of heels. You’re all set for a special event, whether it’s a daytime wedding ceremony or a formal evening affair.

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Easy, right? Creating the braided updo is like combining different hairstyle techniques. It looks sophisticated but definitely not complicated. With this hairstyle, you’ll look effortlessly pretty without overdoing it. You’ll even be proud that you styled your hair yourself.

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