Bow-style Updo: How to Easily Pull Off This Quirky Look

Whether you’re a K-pop fan or not, you can’t deny the quirky appeal of the bow-style updo. Find out how you can create it for yourself with these easy steps!

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Asian woman with a bow style updo wearing a jacket standing against a red wall

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If you’re a fan of K-Pop girl groups, you might have seen then wearing the bow-style updo. This hairstyle puts a fun and more youthful spin on the classic top knot bun. Even though this hairstyle is not exactly for everyone, it does complement the personality of those who are brave and experimental enough to try it for themselves. And if you’re curious as to how it would look on you, you can just follow these simple steps in creating the cutesy bow-style updo.

Steps in Creating the Bow-style Updo


Prep your hair

To begin this bow-style updo, wash your hair with TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Shampoo and TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Conditioner to help make it more manageable to style. This pairing also helps repair the damage that your hair has endured and brings back lost nourishment, keeping dry ends and frizz at bay.



Asian girl with long hair holding a bottle of shampoo before making her hair


Spray hair wax

Before you even begin styling your hair, gently spritz TONI&GUY High Definition Hair Wax. Lightly spraying this product on your tresses helps in making styling and shaping so much more easier.

Asian girl with long hair sprays wax on her hair

Gather and tie

Using a grooming brush, gather all your hair on your crown and tie it in a high ponytail with a durable hair tie. Instead of completing the ponytail, stop to create a high bun with the rest of your hair falling and facing your forehead. From there, slowly pull down your bun until it looks like a half circle.

#HairHack: To keep the sides of your hair neat, tilt your head forward while you brush your hair and gather it at the top. This way, you’ll have a more polished look without any loose strands.

Asian girl gathering her hair into a ponytail to make her updo

Divide into sections

Once you’ve created a top bun, divide your hair into left and right sections. Secure each side into your hair by using bobby pins. This will create the puffed up part of the bow-style updo.

Asian girl dividing her hair into two sections to make a bow



Complete the look

Now you’re almost done! To finally complete the bow-style updo, simply bring the rest of your hair to the back and right at the middle of the bun. Then secure it using bobby pins to keep it all in place. Spritz TONI&GUY Body Amplify Creation Hair Spray to tidy up your hair and add a stronger hold for the hairstyle to last long.

Asian girl with a brown jacket

The bow-style updo, as cute as it looks, can seem a bit difficult to create. But with these easy steps that we’ve laid out, you can surely try this out for yourself. Just remember to use the right products to make styling easier and to give your hair more hold, especially for this cute updo!

Other bow-style updos you can try

The bow-style updo is a versatile hairstyle that you can wear. It lets you be experimental and there is no limit to your imagination! Here are some other bow-style updos that are everything but boring!

1. Bow-style with bangs

girl wearing a blue top shows her multi-colored fingernails
The bangs really add a nice accent to the hair

2. Side ponytail with bow

girl wearing a floral blue top shows off her side ponytail with a bow
Who says bows have to always be at the top?

Create a variation to the bow-style updo that is always at the top of the hair. This low ponytail with a bow is surely going to stand out. Just gather your hair into a low ponytail that rests on one side and add a bow with your strands!

3. Sophisticated bow-style

girl with sunglasses, choker necklace, and bronze skin has a sophisticated bow style at the top of her head
The bow is not just sophisticated but is also elegant and classic

Do you want to look more elegant with the bow-style updo? Then, you can definitely be that by creating a different kind of bow. Instead of the usual two-earred one, you can go for another shape of your choice.

4. Full bow hairstyle

girl with all of her hair pulled up into a huge bow style with her back facing the camera
Full bow hairstyle definitely turns heads

Why not make a statement by making a huge full bow on your hair? Start by making two sections of your hair. Then, follow the instructions in the tutorial above. Secure your hair with a lot of bobby pins to keep it in place. Then, you are ready to flaunt that bow!

Editor’s tip: To help keep your bow in place, try to make it lighter so that the bobby pins can lift it. Before making the bow, apply some TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse to give it body. It doesn’t have a greasy after-feel and won’t feel warm. 

5. Discreet bow

the top of the head of a blonde girl has a discreet bow style with loose hairs around it
Discreet is beautiful

Don’t want your bow screaming at the top of your head? Then, you should try this discreet bow. You start with making waves on your way with a curling iron and making a half ponytail. Section your hair at the top to create the bow using the steps found in the tutorial. You can leave loose strands of hair to make it messy and the bow discreet.


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