Big Top Knot: How to Pull Off this Posh Off-Duty Look

Beat the heat and find out how you can rock this sleek and versatile updo wherever you go!

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Asian woman with big top knot wearing a green jacket outdoors

Ever wondered how those models off duty look so effortlessly chic with a big top bun? It’s really not as complex as you might imagine. In fact, it’s a hairstyle that you can easily do on your own time as well. We’re breaking down these simple steps in creating the big top knot with this tutorial—not to mention, the handy products that would help in keeping and holding this hairstyle all day long.

How to Create a Big Top Knot


Wash your hair

Wash your hair using Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo and Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Conditioner to make your hair softer and easier to style. This way, there would be less frizz and your big top knot would look simply flawless.

Asian woman with long black hair

Tie your hair

To get that perfect high ponytail, tilt your head forward and gather your hair using a brush before tying it into a very high pony. This will make it easier to get that top knot.

Asian woman tying her hair into a high ponytail

Spritz hairspray

Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your ponytail to give it some grip. This will help you nail your big top knot hairstyle and keep your strands in place. 

Big top knot: Asian woman spraying hairspray on her hair

Tease your hair

Using a tail comb, tease your ponytail. Backbrush from the mid-length to the ponytail base to add more volume to your hair. This volume will give you the illusion of a bigger and thicker top knot.

Asian woman teasing her high ponytail

Twist and secure

Now on to the big top knot! Hold the mid part of your high ponytail and twist it. Wrap it around its base until you create a knot. Keep it secure by using bobby pins to lock in the knot to the rest of your hair. If you have thicker hair, better to use as many pins as needed to keep the knot from unraveling.

Asian woman creating a big top knot hairstyle

Make it loose

Still not big enough for you? The secret to really getting the big part of the big top knot hairstyle is loosening the strands of your knot to make it look fuller. If it’s getting a little bit too messy for you, feel free to spritz some hairspray again to keep it all intact.

Asian woman loosening strands in her big top knot

You're done!

Say hello to your super chic big top knot. It’s the perfect hairstyle to wear on a hot day. It keeps your long hair up and away from your neck, making you feel presko. Even if you’re just wearing a simple tee and jeans, this hairstyle can elevate your look and keep you from looking plain in your OOTDs! 

Asian woman with a big top knot

So what do you think? Not that hard at all, right? The big top knot is a very classic and timeless hairstyle that used to be worn for formal occasions. But now, you know that all it takes is a little teasing and letting loose to make it versatile enough to wear even on your “off duty” days.

Other Bun Hairstyles to Try

Aside from the big top knot, here are other ways you can play with bun hairstyles.

1. Ballerina bun

Advent calendar: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in a bun wearing light blue shit against an oyster-colored background
Make your hair en pointe with a beautiful ballerina bun.

Whether you love dancing or not, a ballerina bun can make you look chic and neat at the same time. You can wear it when working out, doing yoga, or when going on a city tour on a hot and humid day.

2. Baby bun

Summer updos: Side closeup shot of an Asian woman with black hair in a low bun smiling
A few loose strands framing your face can make a baby bun look even more chic.

If you have a medium bob or a lob, the baby bun is perfect for you. Just like the big top knot, the baby bun can give you a chic, model-off-duty vibe, especially when you let loose strands frame your face.

3. Top bun for curly hair

Summer Updos: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with dark hair in top knot
With a top knot, you get your hair off your face and neck while looking chic at the same time.

Dealing with unruly curly hair? Put your strands in place with this chic top bun. The good thing about having curly hair is that your hair is already gifted with volume, so your bun hairstyle looks thick even with minimal effort.

4. Top bun with headband

Asian woman with black hair in a top bun with headband wearing a demin jacket
Let your top bun and printed headband add a boho touch to your casual look.

Add a pretty twist to your simple ballerina bun or top bun by wearing a cute headband. This ‘do is also a smart hair hack to protect your hair from pollution.

5. Half up top knot

Half ponytail: Asian woman with medium length black hair in half up top knot
This half up hairstyle adds a quirky character to your look.

Aside from the baby bun, the half up top knot is another bun hairstyle you can do on short hair. This hairstyle is a versatile look as well⁠—you can wear it on weekends or at work together with your corporate-chic outfit.

There are so many hairstyles you can explore by elevating a simple bun hairstyle. Have fun while you experiment with different looks, and don’t forget to come back to this page for more hairstyle ideas!

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