Banana bun: A quick and easy hairstyle for lazy days

Add the banana bun to your list of easy hairstyles. Here's how to make one. 

There are days when you feel lazy to get out of bed but you have to. Errands have to be done. You have deadlines to meet, and you have friends to see later in the day. Make it easy for you by choosing a hairstyle that can be done quickly. Introducing the banana bun, a chic, low-slung hairstyle that takes just a couple of minutes to create. It’s a messier take on a French twist that sits low on your neck.

Ready? Follow these instructions to create this no-fuss ‘do.


Wash hair

Use Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo to deeply nourish and smooth out your hair. It’s best to start with clean hair especially on this lazy day.  Then, let it dry on its own; you’re not in a big hurry anyway.



Create three sections

Divide your hair vertically into three even sections, then tie back the middle section into a low, loose ponytail.  Do this on dry and tangle free hair.


Twist and tuck

Wrap the right section over the top of the ponytail and twist the two together. Pin the twisted sections onto your hair. Then, grab the remaining section and tuck it under the other two. Pin it as well. Your hair should resemble something like a bunch of bananas together in a clump.


Loosen up

Pull small sections of hair from the side of you face using your thumb and index finger. This will create a stylish bedhead look, with the loose sections of hair framing your face.



Spritz Tresemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray to make the bun stay put. It will also help add volume.


Face your day

Secure everything in place with pin. Are you satisfied with it? If so, head out the door and accomplish some tasks. This hairstyle is perfect for going out on weekends. The messy, chic style spells laidback and relaxed—something you want to feel on a Saturday afternoon. With a pretty ‘do like this, you might even feel less lazy. Why stay in bed when you can show off your hairstyle?


Being lazy doesn’t mean having unkempt hair. The banana bun is proof of that. Master this ‘do and let this be your go-to hairstyle on days when you just want to chill out.

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