Create ’90s Half Up Pigtails for Medium-Length Hair in 5 Steps

We’re throwing it back to the '90s with this cute pigtail hairdo that you can still wear and pull off today!

There’s no denying how past trends tend to make a comeback every now and then—not just in fashion, but also in hair and beauty, including our ’90s half up pigtails. This was the quintessential schoolgirl hairdo that pretty much every woman had during their grade school days. We’re showing you how you can pull it off with an added flair to suit your medium-length hair.


Prep hair

Since this hairdo entails you to let your hair down, it’s better to go for a shampoo and conditioner that can help keep it soft and easier to style. We recommend using Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo and Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Conditioner. As its name suggests, this pairing would give your hair the nourishment it needs to keep it silky smooth all day long.


Protect hair from heat

Use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray to provide ample protection to your hair before you use any heated styling products. Hold the bottle at least 10 cm away from your hair and spritz a bit all over, especially on the part of your hair that you will be curling.


Divide and curl

Divide your hair into two vertical sections, clip one section, and start curling. Begin by wrapping a small section of your hair around the curling iron. Keep it clamped for a few seconds before proceeding to another small section.

After all sections on one side have been curled, repeat the same process on the other side. These curled strands will make up your ’90s half up pigtails.



Tie it up

The final touch is the pigtail itself. One one side, take a small section near your hairline and tie it using an elastic. Repeat the process on the other side, and just make sure that both sides are tied from the same height.

#HairHack: Create a more natural look by loosening up some strands near your hairline. You can do this by using the bottom end of your tail comb to pull just a few strands on the side and letting them fall.


Rock your '90s pigtails

How do you like your #throwback look? When you’re feeling nostalgic and you miss the ’90s, put your hair in a cute pair of ’90s half up pigtails. It’s also a fun look you can wear to school or on weekends when going to amusement parks, malls, or your favorite places to visit when you were a child.

Find out how else you can wear this cute hairstyle.

1. Low Pigtails

girl wearing a white top and plaid skirt is tugging at her ribboned 90s pigtail
Look younger with this do! Credit: Shutterstock

Try this ‘do when you want to inject a childlike charm into your look. Achieve this hairstyle by simply dividing your hair into two sections and tying them individually with a clear elastic. Then, smooth out the pigtails and add a small ribbon on each side.

Editor’s tip: Keep your pigtails frizz-free by spreading on some Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-on Cream before styling. This will keep your hair smooth without the greasy after-feel. 

2. Twin Braids with Curled Bangs

Asian woman with twin braids hairstyle wearing a pink jumper and striped shirt
Twice the braid, twice the fun! Credit: Hariono Halim

If you are a fan of braids, then you’ll love this hairstyle. You can even curl your side bangs so your fringe blends seamlessly with your twin braids.

4. Messy Two Braids Hairstyle

Asian woman with messy two braids hairstyle wearing a denim dress
A little bit of mess adds charm to this already pretty hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

Want a more relaxed twin-braid hairstyle? Loosen strands and let them frame your face. The messy two braids hairstyle is a charming ‘do you can wear to movie dates or an afternoon ice cream session with your friends.

4. High Pigtails

Asian woman with high '90s half up pigtails wearing a striped dress
You can also do this hairstyle to tie growing bangs. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This is almost like the ’90s half up pigtails—only with more hair tied in elastics. You can also tie it higher, especially if you want to include your growing bangs in the pigtails.

Who says you can’t bring back old trends and make them look even more stylish? It’s all about adding a few twists and making it look a bit more grown-up. The ’90s half up pigtails is a fun and easy-to-do hairstyle that you can wear even on casual days. You can even choose to go the extra mile with braids or dress it down a bit by opting to just do without the curling iron as well.

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