4 Easy Bridesmaid Hairstyles Perfect for Filipinas

Got invited to a lot of weddings? Don’t fret! Check out these DIY bridesmaid hairstyles that you can wear on the next wedding you’re attending!

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Bridesmaid hairstyle: Asian woman with an elegant updo wearing a white sleeveless dress



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Now there’s no need for you to worry about having to attend weddings and having to think about getting your hair done for these formal gatherings. We’ve rounded up four easy to do bridesmaid hairstyles that would definitely complete your look without actually spending a lot to get your hair done!

Bridesmaid Hairstyles: How to Make a Romantic Half Updo

Look like the belle of the ball with this romantic half updo hairstyle. This dainty look would look perfect for strapless or backless gowns. If you’re not a big fan of total updos, then this hairstyle is definitely a better option. And as a plus, it makes you look like modern royalty!



To start, take a small section of hair above your left and right ears and twist these sections. Gather them at the back of your head and tie with an elastic.

Asian woman twisting sections of hair


Gather them at the back of your head and tie with an elastic. Gently loosen each twist to make your hair look thicker. 


Back shot of an Asian woman tying a half updo


Take a section of hair below the right twist. Wrap this section around the twist twice and pin the end of the wrap using bobby pins. Do the same on the left side.

Asian woman creating a half up bridesmaid hairstyle

Put flowers

Add baby’s breath on your hair to give your bridesmaid hairstyle more appeal.


Asian woman putting baby's breath on her half up bridesmaid hairstyle

You're done!

Look pretty and dainty with this romantic bridesmaid hairstyle. You can try using other types of flowers, too, to jazz it up.

Asian woman with romantic half up bridesmaid hairstyle

Bridesmaid Hairstyles: Angel Wings Half Updo Tutorial

Another modern and romantic bridesmaid hairstyle is the angel wings half updo. This hairstyle shows more of your face and allows your natural beauty to shine through. With this ‘do, you won’t have to worry about hair unraveling even during the afterparty!


Create a half ponytail

Take a section of hair from the left and right sides. Then gather these sections at the back and tie them into a half ponytail using a clear elastic.

Asian woman tying hair in a half updo

Make a knot

Then take a section from the left side, next to the half ponytail, and wrap it around the elastic to make a knot. Simply repeat the same steps on the right side of your hair. Secure the knot using an elastic. 

Asian woman creating a knot on her half up bridesmaid hairstyle

Pull through

From there, take another section of hair from the left side near your ear and pull it through the ponytail. Repeat the process three times until you form a wing shape. 

Asian woman pulling sections of hair into her half up bridesmaid hairstyle


Simply repeat the same steps on the other side of your hair. Place bobby pins on both sides to secure the hairstyle.


Asian woman pinning her half up bridesmaid hairstyle


Here’s your angel wings half updo. Have fun!

Bridesmaid hairstyles: Asian woman with angel wings half updo

Bridesmaid Hairstyles: Twisted Rope Bun Tutorial

This ‘do is one that can suit both the bride and the bridesmaid. It looks like a modification of the classic chignon, but with a bit more volume and sophisticated detailing.


Divide and clip

Start by dividing your hair into left, right, and back sections. Clip the left and right sections.


Asian woman clipping sections of her hair

Tease and spray

Lift the top section and tease its top part to boost its volume. Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on the teased section to help maintain volume and texture. 



Asian woman spraying hairspray on a section of her hair

Divide hair

Then, pin the half of the back section using bobby pins attached to an elastic. Gather the hair at the back section and divide it into two smaller sections. 



Asian woman creating a twisted rope bun bridesmaid hairstyle

Create a rope braid

Twist both sections together to form a rope braid. Then secure the rope braid with an elastic and place the bobby pins on the left side of the rope braid.

Asian woman creating a rope braid


Roll the rope braid on the right side of your neck to form a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Then take the left section of hair and twist it toward the back and tuck the ends near the base of the bun where they won’t be seen.

Asian woman creating a twisted rope bun bridesmaid hairstyle


Lastly, take the left and right sections of hair and wrap them around the base of the bun. Secure them with bobby pins.


Asian woman wrapping a section of hair around her bun

Have fun!

Now, you’re done making your bun. Put on your bridesmaid dress and get ready. 

Asian woman with twisted rope bun bridesmaid hairstyle


Bridesmaid Hairstyle: How to Make a Deconstructed Chignon

Of course, a wedding look wouldn’t be complete without a chignon-inspired ‘do. However, this time, we’re doing a deconstructed version of the classic hairstyle and to make it more modern and versatile!



First, divide your hair into left, right, and back sections. Then take a section from your crown and use a hair elastic to tie this section into a loose ponytail. Make a hole inside the ponytail and pull your hair through. 


Asian woman creating a loose ponytail on her crown


Then create another low ponytail at the back section, make a hole inside, and pull your hair through. Tease it using a tail end comb. 



Asian woman teasing her ponytail


After teasing, roll your low ponytail upward to create a chignon. Secure the chignon using bobby pins. 



Asian woman creating a deconstructed chignon


Unclip the left section of hair and twist it towards the back. Wrap the twist around the base of your chignon and tuck the ends using bobby pin. Do the same on the right section.

Asian woman creating a deconstructing chignon


Be a timeless beauty with your hair in a deconstructed chignon. Now, you’re ready to walk down the aisle, whether you’re the bridesmaid or the bride!

Bridesmaid hairstyles: Asian woman with a chignon hairstyle

And there you go! Now there’s no reason for you to worry about getting all made up for a wedding if you’re part of the entourage. Not only will this allow you to practice your hairstyling skills, but it will also save you a ton of money now that you don’t need professional help in fixing your hair for the wedding!





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Pull through braid: Closeup shot of Asian woman wearing white blouse with brown hair in pull through braid standing against oyster-colored background

Pull through braid for thick, curly hair

Having trouble styling your thick hair? Put it in a pull through braid and worry no more. Here are the steps on how to create this hairstyle. 

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