The best hairstyles for thin hair

Mitch | 30 August 2017

Cheat your way to thick hair with hairstyles that make your locks look fuller. These hairstyles for thin hair won’t let you down.

Two words: volume and texture. These are the key to faking thick, vavavoom hair (well, hair extensions too, but we’re guessing you want to tone down the fake part a little bit). The problem with thin hair is that it tends to fall flat and look limp and totally uninspiring. Hairstyles for thin hair is all about making the most of what you’ve got.

So what can you do? Simple. Styling your hair to thicken its appearance is the easiest solution to the problem. Our list focuses on three styles that effectively give the illusion of thickness. If you have thin, fine hair, you’d want to stay away from looks that are too polished, too sleek. Instead, go for messy ‘dos that are kind of all over the place to fake a semblance of fullness.

Here are the three hairstyles for thin hair

Alicia Silverstone with side flip hairstyle for thin hair
hairstyle for thin hair: the side flip on Alicia Silverstone. Credit: Shutterstock

1. The side flip

The last thing you’d want to do is to part your hair right in the middle. This would state the obvious. So instead of focusing on which side you want to part your hair, forget the parting altogether and do a side flip instead. Just flip all of your hair from one side to the other and let it do its job: make your hair look bouncy and thick and pretty. It’s such an effortlessly sexy look that it’s also often used as a quick trick for when girls need to add volume to their hair for impromptu photo ops.

Blake Lively with beachy wave hairstyle for thin hair
Hairstyle for thin hair: beachy waves on Blake Lively. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Beachy waves

If you have thin hair, your ultimate goal is texture, and this tousled look is all that and more. Beachy waves, apart from evoking a sexy but laid-back vibe (which is a divine combination, if you ask us), give your hair that much needed oomph. It breathes life to your strands, and because the waves are all over the place, it looks like there’s a lot going on underneath all the mess even if there’s really none.

Vanessa Hudgens with messy updo hairstyle for thin hair
Hairstyle for thin hair: messy updo on Vanessa Hudgens. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Messy updo/ponytail

Mess is a thin-haired girl’s best friend. You can’t really tell if it’s hair or air if there are loose pieces here and there, small undone sections, and whipped waves on the sides. If you’re opting for a pony hairstyle, go the extra mile and tease the tail for added volume and texture. If you prefer an updo, go for styles that feature loosely twisted locks, curls, or waves. When it comes to thin hair, a disheveled look is always a winner.

There’s always a way to hack fine hair problems, and these hairstyles for thin hair? Well, not only do they make your locks look thicker, they also make you look gorgeous!

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